Sunday, 11 November 2012

ROW80 Check-in 11th September 2012

So friends, things this end are going well! Well, writing things!!!

My goals were:
1) Read two books a week for 100+ reading challenge (or as much as I can!).
2) Write 1,667 words a day atleast for NaNoWriMo.

Goal One hasn't gone that well. I am not enjoying the book I am reading at the moment but that is probably because I am so caught up in writing (hooray!). The reading challenge slips further and further out of grasp but I will still try!

Now to goal Two. Word counts this week have been:
Monday - 1,744
Tuesday -  1,874
Wednesday - 1,490
Thursday - 1,680
Friday - 1,556
Saturday - 1,695
Sunday - 1,653

Total NaNo wordcount so far = 18,362!!

On Monday I managed to write before work but for the rest of the week I wasn't able to do this. I managed to be at three #ROW80 sprints which as always is huge motivation and I hope to make them this week. As with last week I am not writing until I have 1,667 words that day, I am just making sure I have reached where you should be that day e.g. today you 'should' be on 18,337 words. Some days I write a little extra to finish a scene etc. and really I was hoping to try for 5k today (have never done that!) but life gets in the way. You know that saying life imitates art? Well my MC is moving house and it turns out I might be too. Although I will only be moving to another flat in my building the contracts, viewings of my place etc are upping the stress levels so I hope to keep everything going but I need to be sensible and get things done today. And I am on track so that is ok!

I hope you are all doing brilliantly and here is to another great week for us all!!!


  1. Excellent job on NaNo. You may be right about the novel. If you're in the mind set of writing your novel, it's hard to get sucked into another set of characters that aren't your own. Keep up the great work!

  2. *whistles* That is some hefty word count, sister. Well done!

    Now make note of every ache, pain, and crazy sauce thought of your moving and use some of it in your work. If you see moving house as an exercise in writing (method writing?), it may not prove quite as stressful, and you might get some good use out of it.

  3. Yeah for a great week Em! I'm very impressed with your handling of NaNoWriMo. Keep writing those words! Hope you have a good week :)

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