Sunday, 10 March 2013

R0W80 Check-in Sunday 10th March 2013

I wouldn't say I have been consistent this week but I think goal wise I have done ok! My goals were:

1) Read two books a week in order to read 100 books this year!

2) Finish first draft of short story.

3) Write a ROW80 check-in every Sunday.

Goal One:
I finished book number 13 this week and started reading another but it was a crazy week at work and I didn't get a lot of reading time. I want to get more reading time in this week and next weekend should be quiet so I will hopefully get to read lots! Hopefully!

Goal Two:
I DID IT!!! I finished the first draft of my short story. I wrote 833 words on Monday and 541 words on Saturday so it is complete at 4,011 words. I now need to write a first draft in third person as the more I think about it the more I think third person will work better. The only issue is I need to write and then edit it by March 31st. Eeeek!

Goal Three:

So this week my goals are pretty much the same with a tweak to goal 2!

1) Read two books a week in order to read 100 books this year!

2) Finish first draft of short story in third person.

3) Write a ROW80 check-in every Sunday.

That's right! I am going to try and write an entire first draft this week! I need to if I am going to have enough editing time and this week is calmer (hopefully!) at work then next week so I need to get cracking!!

Now, before I go we need to talk about CampNaNo. I found out that they were holding a Camp in April and July as opposed to August. July will be NO good for me because work will be crazy so that is a no go. April is......soon! I have no idea if I am going to do it but you can set your own word limit which would be good and lots of my ROW80 buddies are taking part and I want to be in the gang! My issue would be with the short story deadline being prepared and ready to write anything. But I was thinking I could re-write my first chick-lit novel. I love the premise of the story but the first 50k words were in the wrong tense and I told the story all wrong. I told it too seriously and the main character needed some work! But I feel I could pick that up and write it with the notes I have. I need to think more on this but I think I am in. Even for a few thousand words.

Anyway, hope you have had wonderful weeks and the next week is even better than the last!


  1. I'm really looking forward to CampNaNo with you and the ROW80 gang! And rewriting and editing your short story by March 31st? YOU CAN DO IT :)

  2. I know all the ROW80 folks would love to have you with them in CampNaNo. I say go for it! Work on your first novel--it sounds like a great plan for the Camp.

    And I agree with EM, you can do the draft by March 31st. What a way to end the Round!

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