Sunday, 15 January 2012

Book review: I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk

I first picked up a Lindsey Kelk book when I was looking for a light-hearted beach read to take on holiday with me. 'I Heart New York' looked like it fit the bill and since then I have read and enjoyed all the other 'I Heart' books; I Heart Paris, I Heart Hollywood and most recently I Heart Vegas. Kelk is an English writer who lives in New York and she also recently released 'The Single Girl's To-Do List' which is separate from the 'I Heart series' and is also a great read. The 'I Heart' series follows the life and loves of Angela Clark starting when she discovers her fiance cheating on her at her best friend's wedding. Her gut instinct is to get away immediately and away she goes to New York. From this point her life is never the same again. I Heart Vegas is the fourth installment of her story and sees Angela settled in New York but facing a whole new set of problems....

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

Angela Clark loves her life as a Brit in New York. Unfortunately, she's also a Brit who's lost her job. And when the immigration department gets wind of this just before Christmas, Angela needs to find a new job urgently. Or a husband. And she doesn't think her boyfriend Alex will be keen.

A girl's weekend in Vegas with her best friend Jenny seems the perfect way to forget her troubles. From the minute their arrive Angela is swept up in a whirl of cocktails, outrageous outfits, late nights and brushes with the chapel of love. But soon, rather than escaping trouble, Angela is up to her neck in it...

I read this book in a day. Honestly. I read it on the 1st of January when I was having a lazy day and as this is the fourth book of the series I really enjoyed finding out what was happening to Angela. She is a great main character who is flawed like all of us but in a funny, endearing way. She drives me crazy one minute (usually when she is not communicating with her amazing boyfriend) and has me sighing in empathy the next. I think it takes great skill to make a likeable character that people care about and can identify with after four books about their life but I for one always wants to know what happens next. Kelk is really good at leaving a book not necessarily on a cliffhanger but just after something amazing has happened so you are hungry to know more. I won't reveal the ending of this book so I don't spoil it but it ended with me wishing there were more pages for me to read. I follow @LindseyKelk on twitter and from her tweets I know she is busy writing 'I Heart London' so Angela's story is not finished yet! 

The 'I Heart' books are great chick-lit books and I find the writing quick and witty and often chuckle or grimace as I read the situations Angela gets herself into. I would recommend you read the books in order so you see Angela's life chronologically as each book builds on the one before but you could pick this book up and enjoy it as a stand alone story. I can't wait for 'I Heart London' to be released so I can find out what happens next.


  1. Great review. I might just have to pick up the series! I've been so into YA lately, I think I need a good chick-lit book.

  2. Sounds like a fun series. I will keep it in mind.

  3. Great review - it doesn't 'feel' like your first ever.
    I'm glad I bought one of her books at Christmas, I've been wanting to read them for ages. Maybe I bought the wrong one though you make this series sound great. I'll definitely have to start on them some time!

  4. Thank you for your kind comments! Newtowritinggirl - my first thought was 'I will lend them to you!" Then I remembered we live hours apart and have never met! I reckon you will enjoy I Heart Vegas but if you read the others first it will enhance your experience!

  5. Since it's a fun series, I loved the light tone to your review. It made me excited to read the book. Great job!

  6. I'd not heard of this series, but it sounds like one my sister would enjoy! I'll be sure to pass it along.

    You've written a solid review - with no spoilers! Best of luck with your 100+ reading challenge.