Sunday, 18 March 2012

ROW80 Check-in 18th March 2012

The end of this week has seen words everyday apart from today. I have limited time so decided a check-in should come first so I stay accountable. My word counts were....

Thursday - 315 words
Friday - 326 words
Saturday - 270 words

So each day I met my 250 word test mile. I am closing in on a big argument in my book and I have to say it makes uncomfortable writing at times. That is good though right? If I feel horrible when writing it then it stands more chance of getting a reaction from the reader doesn't it? I am managing to remember to write in the first person which is progress!

I have been reading too and have nearly finished book number 22 of the year. I 'accidently' purchased 3 books yesterday in a charity shop so have a big decision about which is going to be book 23!

This week is set to be a busy one. Parents evenings and other work commitments mean I may be not be around alot but I will try and get some words in where I can. There are only four days left of this round and it is likely I won't be able to write on each of them but atleast I am still here! The round has been a roller coaster but I have enjoyed it and learnt so much.

I hope everyone's weeks went well and the next four days are happy and productive!!!


  1. You're doing great sweetie! Always be proud of your accomplishments. You've worked hard and you're always learning and growing. You've been a total success all round, whether you know it or not.

  2. Glad you're plugging away, Em! I'll see you next round, right?

  3. You made steady progress Em. I might have to try writing in first person in my next novel. Just gotta finish this one first....

    I'm amazed at how many books you've read! See you next round.

  4. You had a great round, Em - it is always a rollercoaster and success is not falling off of it *grin*

    Have a fantastic week and see you in Round 2 :)

  5. You've done great! And I'm glad I was able to find your blog through Rowing! I think I'm at about book 18 or so.. would have to go back and count..:) Hope to keep up with you after Row is over! Good job this week!

  6. Fantastic job, Em, and great job on the books! I've definitely slowed down on reading in the last couple of weeks, and it makes me super sad. I'm hoping to carve out a little more reading time next round (I can't believe this one is almost over).

    Have a lovely week!