Wednesday, 7 March 2012

ROW80 Check-in 7th March 2012

Something happened after my last check-in on the 22nd February. I had written about how things in my personal life threw me off on the Monday of that week but I had got back on track on the Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I stopped. Since that Wednesday I haven't written a thing.

I literally felt overwhelmed by a number of things. My situation with my ex-boyfriend, coping with changes to that very fragile situation (on his end not mine), things at work, the future, you name it, I was thinking about it. I just felt exhausted and like everything wouldn'

So I stopped writing. Not because I didn't know what to write, no writer's block to wallow in, not because I didn't have 30 minutes most days I could write. Purely because something had to give for my brain to have some space and writing seemed the easiest thing to put to one side. I think I needed that time to get some things straight and make some decisions but I am frustrated that writing became the thing I shoved in a box and didn't give much thought.

Of course I wanted to jump back in when some lovely ROW80 friends tried to gently coax me out but I remained in the shadows watching the check-in and sprint tweets. I'm ashamed to say I haven't read any check-ins as I didn't want to be reminded of everything I wasn't accomplishing.

Now two weeks isn't too long a break but it is two weeks of the round I won't get back. It is scary how quickly all the good habits we develop can fall to the wayside. I have around 60,000 words of a chick-lit novel which is no small thing and I hope to pick up where I left off tomorrow. I will check-in on each check-in day and I will make as many sprints as possible.

One thing that quite predictably hasn't slipped off my radar is reading. I am on book number 20 of the year and it is the final part of the Hunger Games trilogy. I have devoured the other two books in a matter of days and I should think one of them will be the book I review in March. Reading is a brilliant distraction and escape. Isn't it lovely to think that maybe one day, even if it years from now, someone might read something I have written as a way of escaping from something that brings them down? Lovely.

So here I am, hopefully back in the game. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward t seeing how you have been doing.


  1. Aww, Em. Don't feel too bad about the lost time. It was needed. Few things are more stressful emotionally than those types of fragile situations. Everyone reacts differently. I am good at writing when angry but can't function if I'm sad. Lovely job on only needing two weeks lol!

    I am so jealous that you're already on the 3rd book!! I started Hunger Games at the same time I was reading 4 other books (don't know what got into me that week!) so I want to re-read and actually get to the end! All hopefully before the movie comes out this month.

    Have a great rest of the week. We're all here to cheer you on even if you have nothing to say! Lots of hugs <3

  2. Get back to your writing, Em! I command it!!! haha.

    I'm getting ready to start the first of 'The Hunger Games', and I'm really excited because I haven't heard a single bad thing in my reading around book blogs, friends' blogs, or on Goodreads. That's impressive!

    As for taking a 'brain-time-out'...don't feel too guilty. Sometimes life throws a curve-ball and we have to dodge it! Relationship stuff can be exhausting... Just don't stay out of the pocket too long.

    See you on Sunday!

  3. Hi Em! I'm sure the words will flow for you as you get back into it. I don't think you should feel bad. Sometimes we need to take a break, just like we take a vacation from work. I would have retreated into reading books when I got the chance, too. It is a wonderful escape, and at times a much needed distraction. Good luck this week!

  4. Hey! Don't fret, everyone needs a break! And two weeks of this row80 maybe, but we have next row80 as well! 60,000 is impressive! Your going to do fine! Keep your chin up. I love reading, I just started the Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin.. Sleepless nights huddled next to the lamp with this first one, can't wait for the next ones!:)

  5. *whistles* *rings the bell* *bangs the gong* *cheers* WOO HOO!! So amazingly awesome to see EM back and posting :)

    I can understand why you needed time away. When I lost a year's worth of work I had to retreat. Sometimes you need to do that for yourself. Retreat and recharge. That way you're rested up for the next round of life obstacles.

    I hope these go smoother for you. Books are definitely my preferred way to handle those unexpected and overwhelming times. I still need to read book 2 and 3 of that series. I LOVED Hunger Games, but haven't read the rest. Silly me.

    Be real good to yourself sweets. And truly, it's wonderful to *see* you :)

  6. Hey Em! Glad to see you getting back into your groove; I am coming back from my own sabbatical from writing (had to take some time to get some stuff sorted) and so I understand what that is like. But it's ok--we all need to step back sometimes, from something (whether writing or otherwise) when things get tough, til we can get things taken care of the best we can. Now that you're back I'm sure you will do great! Good luck this week!