Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ROW80 Check-in 4th April 2012

Now I know we are only on day three but so far this round, so good!!!

Quick recap of goals:
1) By end of the round have a finished first draft of my WIP.
2) Test mile - 250 words a day.
3) Read two books a week for 100+ reading challenge.
4) Review one book a month.
5) Exercise twice a week.

After posting goals on Monday I went to Aqua Aerobics so one exercise is ticked off! Then my day got ridiculously busy in good fun ways but it meant I didn't write, on day one!!! Now I meant to write my usual disclaimer when I posted my goals that if I miss one day I will try and make it up. Yes I want 250 words a day but if not as long as I get the equivalent in a week, so 1,750 words a week then I am happy. Amazing how that 250 words mounts up to a good word count in a week!! Granted that is like a good NaNo day!

So Tuesday saw me write 509 words so I am back on track. I also finished a book so that is one book read this week. Today I have written 258 words so that is ticked off.

So simple but effective is working so far for me! I hope everyone is having a great first week :)


  1. Great on the exercising and on making up what you missed! It's a great start, Em! :)

  2. Fabulous and super strong start to April Miss Em! Good on you :) We're going to make this round our best yet - just you wait and see! Keep up your awesome momentum! *hugs*

  3. Woot for exercising and your word count and your reading!
    Keep it, girl!

  4. Yay!!! Great job on your goals Em! I so wish there was a aqua aerobics class around me-I would do that every day if I could. lol Keep up the awesomeness and good luck the rest of the week!

  5. Lovely start, Em! Glad the simple plan seems to be working. Keep it up, and have a good week!!