Monday, 2 April 2012

ROW80 Round 2 Goals!! 2nd April 2012

Simple but effective.  This my friends is my new motto.

Round One of ROW80 was quite a roller coaster for me due to personal and professional situations and stresses. Let's face it though, when do we not have personal and professional stresses?! I know at times something has to give but I feel like last round I would get myself sorted, appear for two days at a writing sprint and then something else would happen and off I would go again. I am not going to beat myself up about it, at times I needed space and time and I feel all the more focused for it now. I hope!

So from here on in I am going to keep it simple but effective.

Unlike previous rounds I have taken part in, this time I am setting a big ass goal. By the end of this round, come rain or shine, I will have a finished first draft of my WIP. There, I said it. I think I am close to the end and there is no real reason I couldn't finish it if I actually you know, write.

So, goals are:

1) By end of the round have a finished first draft of my WIP.

2) Test mile - 250 words a day.
If this goes well I might consider upping the goal to 500 words but for now 250 words seem like a    challenge.

3) Read two books a week for 100+ reading challenge.
 By my reckoning I should be reading books 27 and 28 this week but I am actually on 24 so I have some ground to make up here. I am on holiday from school for two weeks though so lots of lovely reading time.

4) Review one book a month.
Amongst all the chaos I still managed to post my March review of the Hunger Games which you can read here.

5) Exercise twice a week.
As many of you know exercise and myself have a love hate relationship. Actually it is more of a hate hate relationship. I am adding this in because I know if I am accountable to you guys I get things done and I know I feel better and write better when my body is feeling healthier. This is the goal I am most anxious about.

So there we have it, five goals many of which are being recycled and reworked. I have high hopes for this round so let's get started!!!!


  1. Love your new goals, Em! A finished first draft? Super goal. I'm excited for you.

    You can do it! :}

  2. "Let's face it though, when do we not have personal and professional stresses?!" << Oh, sister, I hear ya!
    Hopefully, this round, I'll be able to join you guys for sprints since I'm back in the US and the time is now good for me ;)
    Great goals! Good luck with them ;)

  3. Awesome goals! 250 words seems like a great goal and I love that you've included goals for your reading and personal health. Best of luck! :)

  4. Love your goals! And I love test miles. I do 500, because usually around 300 or so I start feeling it and by 500 I know for sure whether to stop or keep going. I'm excited to get myself back on a writing schedule.

    I should have made gym goals! I want to get my weight training up to twice a week from once a week and I haven't defined how much cardio I want to do. I think I have a total time goal in MyFitnessPal, but I don't pay as much attention to it as I should.

    Good luck with everything! I can't wait to come back to celebrate when you finish your WIP!

  5. Great goals - wish I could read two books a week! And a 100 in a year - most I've done so far is around 65. I'm following and another Rower :) Great to meet you. X

  6. Love your motto! Behind you all the way to get that book finished :) You can do it! I believe in you :) *hugs*

  7. Yayyy for finishing your draft. I'll just say it early cause I know you'll do it :D No pressure LOL. These are great goals. I'm glad you're ready to do some butt kicking. I am too, and I'll be right there with you! Good luck with everything for this round, and seriously when can we add a goal of the international Row80 meet up? That would be darn awesome.

  8. Good, simple and combined goals (write/test mile; read/review) - wonderfully done, Em. Now, if you have a voice recorder of some type you can walk and talk out plot ideas or such - I used to do that years ago and once you get used to people staring at you its all good.

    Have a great round :)

  9. Great goals for this Round Em--You are gonna rock the ROW, I just know it! :) Good luck this week!!

  10. Cheering you on to finish that first draft. Always feels great to get to the end. You can do it! Good luck with the exercise thing. Build up slowly and soon you'll find it feels good and want to add another day. :) Happy reading and writing!