Monday, 14 January 2013

ROW80 Check-in 14th January 2013

This is day late but better late than never!

My goals are:

1) Read two books a week in order to read 100 books this year!

2) Spend 30 minutes a day, five times a week on writing related things. Prep, reading notes, research and writing all count.

3) Write a ROW80 check-in every sunday.
So check-in is done for goal 3 at the end of this but late but I am still counting that as done!

Now in my goal post I said I had already read three books but I lied my friends! I have read two! I forgot one was at the end of December. But I have read one this week so have read three so far this year which is ok but slightly behind. But I feel I have more reading time which is great!

Goal 2 went well as well! Here was my week:
Monday - Decding on goals and goal post
Tuesday - 30 minutes finding and recapping my plot, read story notes, read eight pages of WIP.
30 minutes - commenting and reading on ROW80 posts.
Wedneday - 25 minutes reading 12 pages of WIP.
Thursday - one hour reading 24 pages of WIP

I don't want to include commenting on ROW80 blogs in my 30 minutes but this week I will count it. My WIP is 95 pages long and I am now 58 pages through so am getting there! I am not editing at all, not even spelling mistakes. I just want to read it so I remember the tone and feel and then I can carry on writing it! Hopefully I will finish reading it this week. I do seem slightly obsessed with what everyone is drinking though....lots of work to do! So I technically did 2 hours and 25 minutes of WIP related stuff so I fall slightly short of my goal but I am going to consider it completed because if you added together all my thinking time it would be over two and a half hours.

So here is to another week and hopefully meeting all my goals, not falling slightly short! Hope you are all doing well!


  1. You kicked off this round pretty well, well done. Hope this week goes even better.

  2. Keep going! You're moving in the right direction. :-)

  3. All in all, you had a great week ;)
    Here's to another fabulous week!

  4. Hi Em, it looks like Kait has hit some trouble and we have no mid-week check-in. So no one is left out, please come over to our Facebook group and leave a link to your check-in post and we will be over to visit. The page address is Alternatively, email me at and I'll pass your post on. I know Facebook isn't everyone's cup of tea!

    Should we have no Linky on Sunday, we'll just keep working this way until things sort themselves out.

    Cate (Round 1 Sponsor)

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