Sunday, 27 January 2013

ROW80 Check-in 27th January 2013

It has been a really good week this week. Just not so great writing wise!

My goals are:
1) Read two books a week in order to read 100 books this year!

2) Spend 30 minutes a day, five times a week on writing related things. Prep, reading notes, research and writing all count.

3) Write a ROW80 check-in every Sunday.
Goal 1
I just started reading book number six of the year so I am a little bit behind but still chugging along. I need to STOP BUYING BOOKS especially on my kindle as it is so easy and I have a pile of books on my shelf that I need to read first. We will see how this goes.....

Goal 2
Monday - started strong and wrote 1,042 words during the ROW80 sprint on Monday. I finished off the break up scene and felt the words were flowing well.
Tuesday - I wasn't feeling well so I read sprint instead of writing but am not sure how much I read.
Wednesday - read 10% of a book for half an hour of the sprint.
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing
Saturday - nothing
Today - check-in and....nothing!

So as you can see it hasn't been great. I need to think about the week ahead but more about that in the minute.

Goal 3
Once I press publish this is done.

Now once again I feel I need to think about where I am going with my writing. I have three current chick lit WIP's and I will point out my issues with each one:
WIP 1 - Finished writing this one, 50k in wrong tense, love story premise but not sure I wrote it in the right way. Unedited.
WIP 2 - NaNo 2012 project - half written but not sure of plot. Really like one aspect of the story and think this aspect in a better story could be good. Hope that makes sense!
WIP 3 - Nearly 60k written of Matchmaker Matchmaker from CampNaNo 2012. Again not sure of plot but love the main character so don't want to stop writing about her.

I feel a bit dissatisfied with all three WIP's at the moment, even the one I have finished but not edited. I feel like I need a bit of direction. So, I am going to put my thinking cap on about what to do and plough on with Matchmaker Matchmaker as I do like the story and I might be using my doubt as an excuse not to write. I guess my aim is to polish something up to actually submit to agents etc but I am not sure I have that perfect story yet but again it could be the doubt monster!

So here is to a better week although it is my 30th birthday on Friday so I have plans on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so it might not be my best ever week! Hope you have all had more productive weeks then me!!


  1. Good for you for getting something done while not feeling good :D When I need direction, I write down every single thing that needs to be done (on the WIP) and just start down the list. Lots of times the list gets abandoned along the way but it served its purpose in getting me started. I usually discover what REALLY needs to be done while checking off the small achievable things. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! I'm sure we'll get you a million more times this week just to remind you of the dirty thirty lolol!

  2. You are doing well, really. But you can only write if your know what you want to right (to some extent at least).
    Try shaking things up
    Are you a panster or plotter, or something in between (where I sit)? Outline a WIP if you normally don't, even one you've already written. If you normally plot, fly by the seat of your pants - pick a character and pretend you're out for a drink in a pub with them, or celebrating your birthday (Happy Birthday btw) with them. See where is takes you. The romance in the wrong tense, what make you sure it's wrong? Have you tried reading it differently (or writing a chapter differently) and did it sound better? Have you got critique partners, beta readers to read it for you, see what they say?

    Anyway, you get the idea. These are all thing I've tried to get me out of a bog! Best of luck and enjoy the celebrations. X

  3. I need to stop buying books on my Kindle too. I'm doing a TBR Pile challenge this year - 12 books from my TBR pile from before 2012, a good way to get through some of them at least.

    You've got an exciting week coming up, don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get anything done - I'm pretty sure my 30th week was very low on anything other than FUN! Enjoy it!!

  4. Happy Early Birthday!!! *throws all sorts of glitter!* Hope you have a great bday week! I have a similar issue with my Nook. I just keep buying and it's crazy! I have so much to read it's almost sickening.
    I was having doubts about my WIPs as well; I think that is why I kept moving from WIP to WIP and not finishing. But then I realized I was using that as an excuse to not finish. Because, for me, finishing means then I would have to send it out to publishers. And that scares the pants off me! I think a lot of us writer types do this.
    But on the same token, if you don't think it's "done" then maybe like Shah mentioned have a beta or CP read it? Sometimes we might think our writing is not up to standards, but it really is. Another thing about writers-we tend to be super hard on ourselves AND our writing. Have a great week!

  5. I agree with the previous comments about beta readers. When in doubt, I always ask someone else to read my WIP and tell me which story they'd prefer to read until the end. Have a great birthday week! :)

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