Sunday, 21 April 2013

ROW80 Check-in 21st April 2013

Well it has been a busy crazy week in many ways! First, let's check out my goals and how I did!

1) Read as much as possible aiming for at least TWO books a week.

2) Read through my chick-lit first draft and make notes. At least ten minutes a day.

3) Write a ROW80 check-in each Sunday.

Goal One
I read book 21 of the year and am halfway through book 22 and loving it!

Goal Two
Success! Nearly!

I was aiming for 10 minutes each day of re-reading and making notes and I managed ten every day but one so I did 20 minutes the next day. I felt much more like a habit was starting to form even though it is very much a baby step. Ten minutes isn't an intimidating amount so it felt achievable except the day work got in the way. Very pleased with this change of goal and starting to form some firm opinions on how my re-write should go because my WIP definitely needs a re-write!

Goal Three

All in all I am feeling positive and trying not to get too down about all the changes that need to be made. You need the words down to be able to change them though right?! My concern is I don't think it needs to be edited, I think it needs to be completely re-written. An edit would not do enough and I think I need to tweak overhaul the plot. But it will be fine!

Something lovely happened this week! I saw a tweet that if you retweeted it you might win a query critique. I retweeted it and I WON! I never thought I would win in a million years! I felt like quite a fraud because whilst I have notes for my WIP query because I am going to re-write it, the notes I have probably won't make much sense! And it will need to change! So I tweeted the lovely jessmontgomery and explained my situation. She was absolutely wonderful and understands my situation. She has been kind and said she will critique my query whenever it is ready even if it takes a year! Let's face it, it probably will! It made me feel a bit overwhelmed, in a good way! For someone who I have never had any contact with to be so understanding and kind to me made me realise what a wonderful community the online writing community is. I knew Jess was EMCastellan's crit partner so I know she must be good people :) It made my week. And made me more determined to read this WIP and get started re-writing it!

I hope you are all having fantastic weeks and here is to another great one!!


  1. I'm glad to hear you're happy with your goal changes :) And yeah for winning the query critique! Lol Jessy IS good people, you can trust her with your writing! Have a great week :)

  2. Whoohoo a week full of good things, I'm so glad :) Have a good week!

  3. Sounds like good progress to me! Good luck with your editing! I find that so overwhelming, but one step at a time, right? :)

  4. Congrats!! What a useful prize -- no matter how long it takes to draft that query. I also appreciated how very clearly you present your goals, especially the focus on time spent on editing. I'm deep in editing/reading through/revising/replotting my current WIP but this week just couldn't jump in (recovering from a bad cold). But your 10 minutes will start me out perfectly . . . tomorrow! May your writing go well.

  5. Congrats on reaching your goals AND for winning a critique! Woo hoo!!

    I know how you feel about your WIP. It's written but it's needs a complete overhaul, not just an edit. I've been there. But it's ok. Because there are some real nuggets of gold in what you've written so read through your WIP and make a list of all the things you liked and want to keep. And make a list of all the paths the plot could have taken at any point (not necessarily the one you chose to write - maybe on the re-read you see other options now) and write those down too.

    You've done great work and you've something to celebrate, so make sure you treat yourself to a little something as a reward! :)