Monday, 1 April 2013

ROW80 Goals for Round Two!

The last month didn't go as planned. I didn't end up submitting a story for the short story competition after all. To cut a long story short it was a slight confidence dip mixed with trying to force a story because of the requirements of the competition and not writing a story I loved. I might go into the details one day and I had moments where I did think about whether I wanted to carry on with this crazy writing game but I am ok. As always I need to give a huge shout out to the lovely Lauren who really helped me and I felt quite overwhelmed by the time she put into helping me. It also scared me how well she can 'read me' even though she has not met me in person. Yet!

So, here we are. A fresh round of ROW80 and a fresh Em. Hopefully!

I toyed with the idea of doing CampNaNo alongside this round but I didn't have the preparation time I needed. I have done a lot of thinking and have decided I am going to re-write my first chick-lit story. I love the premise of this story but HATE the way I wrote it! I was thinking of re-writing during Camp but I know I need to actually stop, read the first draft and do some planning/plotting/sorting before I start re-writing.

Therefore April = THE MONTH OF READING!

My plan is to read, read and read some more as I am behind with my 100 books in a year challenge but I also need to read through my chick-lit draft and make notes. It is all about reading! I am not going to set any writing goals but reading through my story and plotting/planning will be invaluable when I come to re-write my story.

Therefore, my goals this round are:

1) Read as much as possible aiming for at least TWO books a week.

2) Read through my chick-lit first draft and make notes. At least an hour and a half of this each week.

3) Write a ROW80 check-in each Sunday.

Simple goals work best for me and I am excited about this new round! I hope everyone feels like they know where they are heading and I look forward to sharing this round with you!


  1. Yay for the month of reading!! Maybe now I'll have someone to squee with over all these books I've made you read lolol. ALL MY LOVE for the short story. I can't wait for you to dig it back out in a few months <3 Remember...ONIONS!!! It's all about the layers. Awesome goals - have a great week 1.

  2. I second that - Yay for the month of reading and they say if you want to write, reading is the best way to get your writers brain working.

    You have great goals so have fun and productive first week :D

  3. Best of luck! Hooray for all the reading :D

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