Monday, 7 April 2014

ROW80 round 2 Goals!

Let me see if I can remember how to do this whole 'blog post' business. I just read my last post when I was going to join in with the first ROW80 round because on our third attempt we were surely going to get our Internet installed. Surely they would come at the right time on the right day. And then they didn't.

Not having the Internet has held me back and made me feel completely out of the loop. I can get it on my phone but pages won't load and to be honest I could do with a new phone as mine is starting to show signs of old age.

But I am here. And I am excited!! When I have the support of my #row80 friends behind me I do SO MUCH better than when I plod along solo. Now, I just need some goals!

I wasn't sure what to start working on. I am probably a quarter of the way through my chick lit re-write but I haven't looked at that in a whole and the size of the project overwhelms me somewhat. And then, like a writing fairy, my friend Lisa sends me an email telling me the short story competition she entered last year is running again. So I have decided to enter. The only slight issue is the deadline is 1st May so I only have 3 weeks. Therefore my goals for the first 3 weeks of the round will revolve around getting this short story done.

Week one goals:
1) Complete outline and plot short story.
2) Complete character profiles.
3) Check-in on the Sunday.

Week two goals:
1) Research on location (I'm setting it in Bruges where I am going on a mini-break next week! Can't wait! Surely my fiancé will understand...)
2) Write first draft.
3) Check-in on Sunday

Week three goals:
1) Edit, revise, rewrite, mould, burn, cry and repeat until finished.
2) submit the short story.
3) check-in on Sunday.

So, there we have it. I feel excited by this new challenge and feel like I am jumping head first back into this crazy writing game. Good luck I everyone taking part in this round and I look forward to seeing your amazing progress!



  1. Good idea to set weekly goals while you're getting the story written. I hope it works out. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the writing. I find the shorter works are easier to write brute-force.
    Bruges sounds lovely. One of the few places in Belgium I haven't been. Ghent was fun and we loved Brussels.

  3. *hug tackles* It's so good to have you back! *happy dances AND throws confetti* I like how you set up your goals to get the short story done. I especially like #1 for week 3. I might have giggled. :) Anyway, good luck with your goals and I hope to see you around twitter. Will you be joining in on sprints or is that too late for you? (I suck at figuring out time zones, lol.)

  4. Wheeeeee!!!! I AM SO EXCITED YOU'RE BACK. And have internet finally?!?! They better have fixed you up. LOVE your goals and how you've broken them down - totally doable for you. Come join us for a sprint if you're ever home in time! xoxo