Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mini Book Club Update

The first book club is this friday the 15th of July and I am just under halfway through the book. It is over 600 pages (637 to be exact) and as I have actually spent some time on my writing this week I have somewhat neglected my reading. I need to try and work a bit more reading into my day so I get it finished for Friday as I don't want to turn up not having finished. I am really enjoying the book (A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving) and am glad I am giving it a go as it is not something I would have naturally picked up to read.

I did start reading it trying to take in every sentence and think of clever things I could say at the group as I am very nervous about going but I drove myself crazy by overthinking every page and event. I am just going to read it and like with most books I read, I am sure I will have opinions on it without analysing every word. I hope!

I do have some work work to do this weekend and a hideously busy week at work coming up with some evening things going on so I am not sure how I am going to meet my ROW80 goals and read and do all the other things I need to do but am already thinking about how to get things worked in. One thought was getting up earlier on the days I know I am busy in the evening.....we will have to see about that one! This post is trying to turn itself into a ROW80 goal check-in but that is tomorrow so will head off to read some more.

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