Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My dream writing location

A recent post by Lisey McGrath got me thinking. She asked: 'If you could make your own writing space without realistic constraints (i.e., money, time-space continuums, physics) what would it look like?' You can see her answer here - http://liseystardust.livejournal.com/21376.html

Now I have been thinking about this and I think my answer is fairly boring but nonetheless, it is my answer.

I would like a warm room somewhere with lots of books. Books inspire me and the sight of row after row of books is beautiful to me. I guess because I would love to have books I have written up there. The warmth could come from an open fire. One that obviously lights/extinguishes itself when needed and the wood supply just appears without any effort on my part.

I would like a big wooden desk, fairly old fashioned I think with drawers. One which locks so top secret things can be kept in it. A comfy chair is a must! In my current flat I don't really have anywhere comfortable to sit. I have a hard kitchen chair to sit on as I write. For when I want to change location in the room I also would like a rocking chair, a windowseat and a comfy armchair like this:

I would like wooden floors and really comfy slippers.

I would also like a really good nosey-persons view. Something that overlooks a busy highstreet or something as people watching is possibly my favourite thing in the world.

I would also like a chain coffee store (preferably a Costa or Caffe Nero, hell why not both!) nearby as I love coffee shops where you can spend time and not get rushed out. I love their hot chocolates. Yum. In the magic writing room I would like really yummy snacks such as crisps and biscuits but they don't make you gain weight and also a selection of drinks available at all times.

I would need a television with a DVD player and a CD player as I always need some kind of background noise.

I would love a whole cupboard of stationary. Files, notebooks of every description, post its and every type of pen known to man. I would like a laptop and printer that never needs new ink.

I would love this magic writing room. What would your dream writing location be?


  1. Well, you don't want too much do you, haha. Dream big though I always think. You've got something to aim for.

    Right now, honestly all I'd want is a desk with a comfy chair. At the moment I don't have either, so I either write on the sofa with my laptop on my lap, or sat on my bed.

    Actually, no, I'd also like my own room for writing. When I moved in with my boyfriend earlier in the year, we sacrificed a second bedroom (which would have been an office) for being closer to central London. I'm glad we did, but sometimes I'd love to have a room to go to (with shelves and shelves of books) to write.

    That is my goal for our next place. Hopefully we'll get it early/mid 2012.

  2. I love your "nosy-persons view" -- perfect. I also would love a room filled with books to write in. Although lots of times I take everything out to the screened-in porch, I feel as if I'm out in the country...

  3. Oh, I love this! My apartment seems to have a couple of the elements that you point to: my desk (with my comfy zebra print desk chair) overlooks the street, so I get to see the neighbors as they're coming and going. And I have a cushy chair under another window that I have deemed my 'reading nook,' because it's perfect for curling up and devouring a good book. Another thing that I have, which I never, ever want to lose, is outdoor space. I have a huge deck that I've decorated with plants and flowers, and on sunny days (and even on foggy cold days), it's the perfect place to go and do a bit of writing by hand.

    One thing that I wish I had is a larger collection of bookshelves. I'm a bit limited on space at the moment, so I have a collection of bookbaskets that sit on the floor and hold all of my novels (sadly, my social theory texts occupy all the shelf space). In my dream of dreams, I want a library like the one in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's been my fantasy ever since I was a little kid. :)

  4. Seems like all of us would like a room filled with books....I think the library from Beauty and the Beast sounds amazing!