Wednesday, 6 July 2011

ROW 80 Check-in 6th July

Well, first few days have gone well!

On Monday after posting my goals I spent 30 minutes typing up a children's story I had half written in a notebook and had on scraps of paper. Lets call it the pet story.

On Tuesday I re-read the pet story from above and changed bits and edited a bit and it grew from 523 to 579 words. Whilst it is still very much a WIP I feel happy that the idea is down in some ordered form and feel it has potential. Then I planned out the other children's story idea that has been in my head. I literally had one sentence written on a post it as the idea struck a while ago but have tried to map it out a bit. Then I spent some time doing some simple research and looking at the thesaurus' on The Bookshelf muse which has brilliant ideas for descriptions of sights and sounds etc. 45 minutes in total which doesn't seem like long but guess 45 focused minutes is better than 2 unfocused hours!

Today I am out for most of the evening so came home as quick as I could and did 15 minutes revising the pet story which is now 639 words. I wanted to post tonight for first check in so was gutted I had to stop at 15 minutes to make time but with yesterdays 45 mins I am still on target!
While lots of the things I have done are little bits and pieces, I truly never actually focused and worked on  my writing. I read other people's blogs and wanted to write but never actually did it so already I feel I have taken a huge step forward. I can feel a change in myself already as I would have used being out tonight as an excuse but I have made enough time to do what I need to get done. Some of my weekend plans might be cancelled and my first thought was 'Oh good, more time for writing!'

Also, it is so motivating to have so many people swinging by my blog and even though I haven't had time today I am going to make time to look at the blogs of other ROW 80 writers as it is so inspiring, encouraging and supportive. Ok, gush, gush, gush. Need to go put some make up on to go out. Hope you have had brilliant starts to Round 3!


  1. Lovely to hear this progress! There's nothing like taking a seed of an idea and watching it grow, little by little, over time. My current WIPs started as bitty ideas that I jotted down in my notebook and set aside until, out of nowhere, I found myself with bits of dialogue, and characters with motivations, and a semblance of a plot. It's such a fascinating process to me, and I feel like every word I can coax forth from my brain is a little blessing.

    I'm happy to hear that you're making the time to focus on your writing. Sometimes we just have to sit down and commit ourselves for a little bit before the magic can happen!

  2. I'm also gushing about how nice it is to feel supported, to feel a community of writers out there rooting for each other, as this is my first round. And I also love when you get a good idea that just has to go in a notebook. Someone once suggested keeping to a notebook for that very purposes! Just dribbles and drabbles of ideas.

    Keep on trucking!

  3. Sounds like you are off to an exciting start.

  4. Wow Em, you're doing so well so early on (unlike me who has yet to put finger to keyboard! Eek). Your excitement is catching, I sat down to do some writing feeling a little uninspired, but having read this, I really want to write. Yay!

  5. Lets hope I don't peak too early! Glad you caught some of my have inspired me loads of times so guess I owed you one! Happy writing!

  6. Go you!! I agree; I think the best thing about ROW80 is feeding each other enthusiasm and's important stuff! :) Hope you have a great weekend!