Wednesday, 8 February 2012

ROW80 Check-in 8th February 2012

This week has felt like the longest ever and it is only Wednesday!

Here is progress so far:

740 words to WIP during 30 minute sprint
Read for other 30 mins of sprint and managed 25 pages (have now finished this book = 9 read so far)

791 words to WIP in 30 minute sprint

Read 38 pages in first 30 minutes of sprint
Wrote 863 words in second 30 minutes of sprint

Reading for half of a sprint is helping me fit more reading into my day and if I write sprint first then it is a nice reward and helps me relax. Tonight I read first as was finishing my food and I couldn't quite relax because I was thinking ahead to my writing. So writing and reading has gone well this week. Exercise? Not yet. I was so relieved dance class was cancelled tonight as I am not feeling well and suddenly felt overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to get done before Friday so whilst it is good time wise and meant I got to sprint tonight it hasn't helped my exercise aversion!

I have just finished reading P.D.James 'Death comes to Pemberley' which uses Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice characters and the storyline occurs 5 years after Pride and Prejudice ends. I think this will be the book I review as it is so different to my last review and because I really enjoyed it. Watch this space!

Only two more days of work and then I get a week off as it is half term. I am hoping to fit lots of writing in but I already have lots of plans with family and friends so I will have to see how it goes and might not be around for much sprinting action but I will try!

Hope everyone is having a super productive week :)


  1. Interesting way to double things up, Em. I read while walking on the treadmill (does take a bit of coordination and focus) which really helps. Not sure you could read at dance class but it might introduce a new art form. *subliminal message: Exercise*

    Productive here. Hope the rest of your week is a pleasant and productive one :)

  2. You accomplish A LOT in one hour. Its amazing how much one can accomplish when very motivated and focused. I still have to time myself to see how many pages I can read in 30mins. :)

  3. As a huge Pride and Prejudice fan, I cannot wait for your thoughts on Death Comes to Pemberley (you could just email me a thumbs up or down so I know whether to load it to my Kindle...hint, hint).

    Sometimes it is nice when things get cancelled, right? It's like a free hour or two you weren't expecting. Love it!

  4. Sounds like your WIP is coming along nicely. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed. Tomorrow is always another day. A brilliant day!!

  5. I've seen some of those word and page counts during the #teamsprinty runs (oh, wait, you posted them up there too...*sheepish grin*). Anyway, you've got a system that works well, and has been making me think about reworking mine, especially since I have reading to get done too.

    I love PD James. Will definitely be coming back over to check out that review! And now I have another book to add to my pile of "To Be Reads"!

    Have a wonderful week, and I'll see you on Twitter

  6. Your word counts for 30 minutes are fabulous! I love it, too that you've added reading into your sprints. Adore anything Pride and Prejudice, will look forward to the review.