Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunlounger 2!

This weekend has been the best weekend of my writing life. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I was actually joint winner of the Sunlounger Short Story Competition !!!! This means that on the 21st of June I will be published in an ebook with some seriously amazing writers. I apologise for all the promotional tweets that I will no doubt be tweeting but I AM BEING PUBLISHED!!!

I have almost pinched myself black and blue but I think it is starting to sink in. One of my best friends Lisa Dickenson is also in the book and she has also written the sweetest blog post about telling me that I had won! I was travelling in a car with some friends to go and see Lisa and I had seen on facebook that I was in the top ten of the competition. I however didn't check my phone (scared much?!) to see that I made the top four and then was announced joint winner! Lisa's post just sums up the moment to perfection and I truly appreciate her support and constant encouragement.

This did mean I was thrust somewhat into the spotlight. Amongst all the hugging and me repeatedly saying 'are you serious?' our friends stood there saying 'what's going on? what's she done?' because they didn't even know I write. When they huddled together to read my first paragraph on facebook I was slightly mortified and excused myself to go and ring my fiance. It suddenly became real. People would know who I am and people in my life would know I write. I have never entered anything before so the idea of winning didn't actually enter my mind. I didn't think of the consequences and suddenly I felt exposed. When my friend's were reading my paragraph I seem to remember saying I felt like I was giving birth on facebook. I hope that makes sense to anyone who has shared their writing with someone for the first time!

The lovely Lauren Garafalo calls me a Secret Agent because I am so secretive about my identity and my writing. I have known her for nearly three years and I have sent her one secret and never to be shared picture of myself. My family kind of know I have written stuff in the past as I told them when I took part in NaNoWriMo for the first time but nothing since then.

But now I am out. And quite happy about it! Everyone has been so supportive that I kind of don't know why I never said before. But I guess revealing that you have won a competition is easier than admitting you spend your time writing things you never let anyone read. And to prove I am out and proud here is a photo of me and my girls, drinking champagne and toasting all the wonderful things that are happening in our lives. I'm the second one from the right with the long blonde hair and the slightly bewildered expression.

I'll keep you updated about all things Sunlounger and will get back to ROW80 asap. Thank you to everyone for all your congratulations and support. It has been amazing!



  1. Secret Agent M has been outed AND I LOVE IT. I'm so so so proud of you!! Congratulations, again!! And *hugs* and *cupcakes* and *confetti cannons* And just so you know, I cherish my secret picture like whoa <3

  2. Congratulations! I haven't known you for a long time yet, but I'm glad to be able to see what you look like :)