Thursday, 16 June 2011

The addiction begins!

Since I started this blog on Monday it has been on my mind constantly. Things I want to post about, blogs I want to make links to, ways I can make it work for me but not bore rigid anyone who might view it. It is so exciting! Bloody terrifying but exciting!

Yesterday I joined Twitter to hopefully get to know other writers...wait a minute does that mean I think of myself as a writer? Deep breath. Today I have signed up for ROW 80 which starts on the 4th of July. Two big steps for me but I am so glad I have taken them. Then I went onto my blog and someone (Lauren) has found my blog and left a lovely comment. Then I went on to the stats page and found it has been viewed in America and Germany. WOW! That to me is incredible.

It is amazing how motivated I am now. I can hardly start a blog and then say a bit later 'sorry, couldn't be bothered to sit down and actually write something to talk about on here so I will go now bye' can I?

So I have some plans in motion, ROW 80 being one of them as I love reading Kait Nolan's and Newtowritinggirl's updates on how well they are doing and I hope to look around the ROW 80 blogs for more motivation and inspiration.

Off to look at some blogs!

ps. I had to change the setting so it didn't count my own views of my blog in the number of views. Obsessively checking for comments is normal right?


  1. Obsessively checking for comment, and number of views is perfectly natural. ROW80 is going to be great for you right now because it's such a friendly community and loads of people visit & comment.
    You're doing really well blogging so much. Sorry I'm not visiting as much as I'd like, I just don't seem to have enough time to do things like that. I'm trying!

  2. I totally understand, I am definately going to have to work out some kind of routine else I may blog but not write more than a post!