Friday, 17 June 2011

Fiction Friday

The Fiction Friday prompt  at Write Anything ( is
Your character is sick with sadness. Write a scene to explore why, or how, or what happens to them.

I have had a go at this and managed to write 465 words which I am happy with and I hope soon I will get the confidence to post my pieces here. I had a look back at some of the Fiction Friday prompts I have done before and found one I really liked. I liked the scene I had created and felt there could be a back story and I can see where it could go and although I am sure the characters are in no way developed enough the potential is there. Have been thinking of ways to try and work it into the idea I have for a longer piece (novel sounds too scary!) and will keep mulling it over and see where it goes.

I have noticed though that I hardly ever write dialogue into these pieces. Of the four I looked at there are only a couple of lines of dialogue. Literally under 5. I wonder why I don't include more dialogue? Especially as I am terrible at skimming over large descriptve pieces when I am reading. Maybe because I am trying to set a scene and cram so much into a five/ten minute piece of writing but this is definately something I need to look into and work on.

I think doing the Fiction Friday prompts each week is going to be one of my ROW 80 goals. That is one goal sorted! Yay!

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