Tuesday, 14 June 2011

To book club or not to book club?

For ages I have wanted to take part in a book group and think it would be a brilliant way to start dissecting books more to see what makes them work and help me figure out why I like the books I like.

At work some people are talking about setting up a book club on a Friday lunchtime (not weekly). I wouldn't even have to drag myself out in the evening but already the excuses are floating around my brain. Lunchtime is awkward, I get hungry by then. I am tired on a Friday. I like having lunch with a colleague who wouldn't be interested in coming. What if I have nothing intelligent to say? What if I hate the books we have to read? What if I can't suggest an intelligent enough book for the other members when my turn comes around?

I can talk myself out of anything! I am just scared of putting myself out there, of maybe not being as 'clever' as the other members. I think I should go. Once can't hurt and if I don't like it then I can fake other things to do on a Friday lunchtime that can't possibly wait.

Better find out the book we are supposed to read for the first meeting.


  1. If it's a new group - everyone is going to be in the same boat of not knowing what to say, thinking they sound stupid compared to the next person etc etc. As they say though, practice does make perfect - once you've been going for a few months I bet you'll be really confident giving your opinions!
    You've got a blog now, so if you have trouble thinking of a book - ask for suggestions!

  2. Very true! I think I am going to go. I have found out the first book so will give it a go and see!

  3. Welcome and good luck with the book club! Don't worry, no one knows what to say at first. And as was said above, practicing helps, even with blogging. You figure it out as you go. Funny side note: "Here goes nothing.." is pretty much how I started my blog as well lol! Hope to see you in Round 3.

  4. I am really looking forward to ROW80 round 3 as I am coming to realsie I need some accountability if I am actually going to write something! Glad I have a few weeks to sort some achievable goals.

    Thank you for stopping by Lauren, can you let me know a link to your blog please?

  5. Of course! It's http://www.laurengarafalo.com

    Thanks for checking it out :)

  6. Is nice to read a blog from a fellow nubie, although you have a few weeks more experience than me! Enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to reading more.