Thursday, 23 June 2011

The ramblings of a tired mind

It feels like ages since I wrote something on here. In fact Saturday was the last day so that isn't that long ago. I guess it feels like longer as things have got in the way and I have had lots of posts I wish I had time to write. I started this blog during one of the busiest times I have at work. Whilst this may not have been that great an idea I think in a way it was a desire for a distraction. A reason to switch off my work brain. But work has crept into my evenings and weekends and I am going to need to get into a routine where I can post and write and still do everything else I need to do. Hmmmm.

I have been thinking of my ROW80 goals and I am really looking forward to being somewhat accountable. The struggle I am having is that currently I have two ideas for children's picture books and an idea for a longer 'chick-lit' type piece. I am struggling to decide which to start on. I guess I could do a mixture of both and set my goal as doing some writing/prep for writing for a certain period of time each day as word counts may not work especially with the children's book ideas. One of them is very well formed in my head so maybe it is logical to start with that one.

I wanted to be anonymous on this blog and I am enjoying the freedom my anonymity gives me. In a staff meeting with maybe 40 other people the other day my mind wandered and I thought 'what would they think and say if they knew I had a blog and I want to be a writer?' Gave me a weird sense of power, having this lovely secret all to myself and it also made me look around and think 'what secrets do all these people have?' Bet there were some good stories in that room.


  1. Yay for anonymous! It is a funny thing. I don't think I ever told anyone that I wanted to be a writer. If they knew me when I was in elementary school, they might have an idea. I've posted my blog link in all the social places though, so I guess if people are interested, they will find out. I kind of tricked myself into sharing because otherwise I am not that brave!

  2. I have mentioned it in passing to a few people but not in a serious way, more in a 'if I could have any job in the world I would love to be a writer' kind of way. We will see...maybe I will become less anonymous over time. Maybe!