Wednesday, 3 August 2011

ROW 80 Check-in 3rd August

I can't believe I didn't make more of a fuss about the fact I managed a month of meeting my goals and stuck to the challenge! I was obviously pleased and happy with myself but I think I was aware that a month is a month and yes it is good but don't get complacent. Don't ease off. So I haven't.

First half of this week has gone well.

On Monday I wrote for just over half an hour and wrote 879 words of my WIP and on Tuesday I wrote a further 856 words. I did the maths and that is 1735 words in two days! For someone who struggles to bloody well sit down and write I am really pleased with this. I have lots of details that need filling in but I managed to stop myself rushing off to google bits and pieces and simply made a note of it or wrote FIND THIS OUT or LOCATION? in my WIP. These details can be found out at a later date and are NOT an excuse for me to go on a lovely jaunt into internet land and get lost for 30 mins. I know when I am more disciplined I will be able to do this but at the moment getting into a habit of writing is important. I distract myself way to easily!

So far so good and am 4,279 words into my WIP! I dread to think how many of these words are duds and will never make it through even a first edit but they need to be written to be able to be edited. Yay! I also am aware I want to change the order things are happening. It looked good in the outline but as I tell the story it is not sitting well with me. This is something I may try and sort on my holiday next week when hopefully I will be scribbling over print outs.

On my new goal of exercising twice a week I have been to an Aqua Aerobics session and am hoping to squeeze a swim in over the next few days if I can.

Todays writing is going to be the Write Anything prompt: Your character walks into a room of people. Everything goes uncomfortably silent and all eyes narrow in on your character. I think I will do this from the point of view of one of my WIP characters as is good practise to write as them even though I have started writing it in the third person.

Hope your weeks are going well. Off to check out some check-ins. Oh and then write, yes must write.


  1. Great job on your goals! It's truly a time to celebrate :) I tend to type in BBL (be back later) where I know I need some research rather than lose sight of my story and lose myself on the internet.

    I love research. I also love to research while I'm doing research, lol. In other words I end up wondering how I lost 4 hours and didn't write a single word *sigh*.

    Keep up the great momentum!


  2. I do the same thing! I used to run to Google everytime I need to check a fact, until I realize that I can go back to it later. Now I'm a fan of highlighting/notes.

    Congrats on your progress!

  3. Great job on your goals it sounds like you have willpower of steel. :D Keep pressing on--I'm sure you can do it. And don't worry about those pesky words that won't make it to the final cut...think of them as stepping stones to a wonderful novel.

    Happy writing. :)

  4. Marie and Claudia, glad I am not the only one who disappears off to research and then researches the research! Sounds like we all have a grip on it with notes and highlighters and I like the idea of BBL Marie!

    Karen I love the idea of my words being stepping stones to a wonderful novel, that made my day. Thank you!

  5. Congrats. You nailed it about getting distracted by the internet. I need to be better about leaving a note or xxx and searching for details later instead of stopping the flow. Thanks for the reminder.

    Keep it up... you're doing great!

  6. Very good job. Congratulations.
    You've already shown some discipline by not researching while writing and by sticking to your goals. All you have to do is keep it that way.
    And, by the way, good luck with your new goal. Aqua Aerobics sound like fun.

  7. Congratulations! You're doing better than me. :)

  8. Excellent job on the writing front! And oh my, I know the feeling about veering off into research and getting far too distracted by the lovely nuggets that google can unearth. I sometimes make the horrible decision to let a sentence dangle while I saunter off to google to look something up,and of course I completely forget where I was going with things by the time I return.

    And aqua aerobics sounds like a blast! I took one of those classes a couple of years ago and it was SUCH a fantastic workout. I may have to try it again when school starts back in the fall.

  9. A lot of my day job is research, so I have to watch the black hole. I have to limit the amount of books I bring home from the library, how much time I disappear into the 'net, and all that. Highlighting is a wonderful idea!

    And written words are never duds--they make you grow as a writer. :)