Sunday, 21 August 2011

ROW 80 Check-in 21st August

The 80 days seem to be flying by and I feel like I have had a really productive and exciting end to my writing week.

On Thursday I wrote for 40 minutes and wrote 1,214 words. I also posted my NaNoWriMo follow up and thank you everyone for your comments. I am starting to feel more excited then scared now (fun not fear!) and am glad I have made the commitment on here so I am accountable. Looking forward to planning out my next WIP (new notebook, check!) but for the next few weeks I am still going to focus on my current WIP.

On Friday I wrote for 40 minutes and wrote 1,201 words. I used the Write Anything prompt and it gave me a good idea for a scene in my WIP so I am going to count this in my WIP word count.

On Saturday I had a day off from writing. My boyfriend was here (we live 5 hours apart so time together is precious) and I wanted to spend the time with him. I did come out of my writing closet and tell him about my blog, writing, ROW 80 and my plans to do NaNo. This was a big step for me and he reacted perfectly. He knows I have talked loosely about writing and said it was good I am doing something about it. I was worried he would be upset that I hadn't told him for the two months I have been blogging (probably me projecting how I think I would react if he told me something similiar!) and said he understood if you tell people there is pressure. I feel great no I have told him and have his support and know if I am with him and need to write he will understand.

Today I wrote for 30 mins and managed 907 words. My WIP is now up to 16,921 words!

I definately hit my 30 mins a day (3 and a half hours a week) and exceeded this goal. I used the Write Anything prompt and posted 3 times (once this is posted). The only goal that I completely failed on was the exercising two times. I wasn't feeling well during the week so plans to swim went out of the window and whilst I did a little bit of walking I don't know if I am going to count it. So need to do better on this next week.

Off to check out some check-ins. Can't believe next week is week 8!


  1. Very good check-in! Glad to hear he took it so well. It is always nice to have support like that. Very encouraging. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you! I nearly told him a while a go but we watch a couple of movies that had a character writing a book and I felt a bit of a cliche! Is really nice to have his support.

    Just saw your comment on my NaNo post - glad you are taking part in November! Have you done NaNo before?

  3. Great job on your goals, Em! Time with the boyfriend is valuable writing time as well since it refreshes your batteries.

    Have a great week :)

  4. Yay, so close to 20K! I'm so happy to hear that you're really getting into the writing groove, and that you finally "came out" (lol) to your boyfriend. Glad to hear that you had some quality time together, too. My last boyfriend lived about 5 hours away as well, and I know how precious spending time together can be.

    Btw, I am loving our twitter conversations, and I am getting REALLY excited for NaNo!

  5. Congrats on meeting your goals. And voicing them to those close to us can make them more real.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Great job on meeting your goals. Proud you took that step and shared with your boyfriend. Happy he is supportive. I'm rethinking my decision not to do nano this year. Great jumpstart for a novel.

  7. It makes a huge f=difference to have someone on your side - well done him - I'm planning on trying NaNo - not done it before so not sure what it's like - have an idea, a plot, and characters in my head so it'll be fun - I hope!!! all the best for this week

  8. Thank you Gene - my batteries do feel recharged!

    Jamila - I like the focusing on reaching 20k! I am enjoying our twitter conversations excited for NaNo (fun not fear!!!)

    Thank you Laurel-Rain Snow - it did feel good to voice my ambitions to him.

    Thank you too Robin, made me feel all warm inside when you said you were proud of me! It did feel like a big step...wish I had told him ages ago! Would be great it you did NaNo....the more ROW 80ers the better! is nice to feel he is on my side...I knew he would be. Yay for NaNo! We definately need to sort a support group for it!

  9. Congrats on your success this week! And yays! for 'coming out' so to speak. I need to do the same. My family I think kind of knows, but they have no idea how serious I am about it. It's mostly my fault because, well, I just don't talk about it but I'm slowing getting more comfortable (i.e. my previous posts on vulnerability and the other on negativity--I'm slowly making progress!!) Good luck this week and I can't wait to do NaNo now that I know you, Jamila and some others are also on board! Woot!

  10. Ooh, it's hard to tell people about our writing sometimes, so I applaud you for opening up and taking that step. Isn't it great to have his support?

    I'm participating in NaNo this year too. It'll be my fourth year. I've never done the 50,000 words, but each year I have much more of a story than I would have otherwise, and that's the way I view it. Just like Row80, NaNo is a great outlet for writing with a supportive group of people who are trying to write as much as possible. :)

  11. Great progress!! And I don't think you're alone, re: disclosing the fact that you want to be a writer. It was easy to tell my husband (simply because we live together), but telling family and friends is a bit tough...don't know why that is...