Sunday, 9 October 2011

ROW80 Check-in 9th October

Well week one has been great in many different ways. I have met all my goals (30 mins a day on NaNo preparation and two check-ins).

On Thursday I spent time researching murder, hanging and arsenic. It is amazing what you can find by simply googling things as I starting point.

On Friday I spent time goggling events of my chosen year (1936) and also read lots of cases of poison from the 1930s.

Now the weekend I have been staying with some of my friends and we watched all 4 Scream movies in an early Halloween kind of extravaganza! Even though I technically need to do half an hour of something today I am going to count watching these as research as it did get me thinking about red herrings, motives and back storys. Also I had a good chat about writing with one of my friends which I loved as I so rarely talk about writing in my 'real' life. Also she has offered me her flat one weekend during NaNo as a bit of an escape as she will be away the saturday till sunday. I know I live alone so technically can lock the door, turn off my phone and settle in but there is something so inviting about a change of scene. I can't wait.

So time wise, I have done really well if I do say so myself! My Upstairs, Downstairs DVD arrived on Friday so I think watching an episode of that and taking notes seems like a great plan for tomorrow night.

Another lovely thing is that Nicole has asked me to be her ROWsista! I felt so touched that she thought of me and I look forward to getting to know her better as we drag carefully nudge each other in the right direction.

So week one, goals met and a happy me. It feels so good to be doing something productive towards my writing even though I get terrified when I think of plotting my NaNo murder mystery....better start soon in case I struggle. Off to check out some check-ins before bed.


  1. Yay for meeting your goals!
    Yay for spending time with friends!
    Yay for having a ROWsista!

    Keep it up =)

  2. Great job on meeting your goals! Back story and red herrings are tricky, so good luck on those:)

  3. Great job Em. Stay strong and Rock The ROW!!! ~clink~

  4. What a good week for you. Well done. Hope this one goes as well!
    That's great you'll have somewhere different to go for a change of scenery. Last year I went to Bournemouth for a weekend, long walks on the beach worked for my productivity :-)

  5. Good job, darling! My website won't load so I can't post my goals, but I have them and am here to cheer you on! Hope your world is getting more perky :)

  6. I'm so happy to hear that things are going well! I am going to have some thought about red herrings and whatnot eventually, since that is the most sparse part of the my murder mystery from CampNaNo. I may be picking your brain at some point in the future. :D

    Love the idea of going someplace new for a change of pace and scenery next month. That'll be tons of fun!

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Great job, Em! Super congrats on gaining a ROWsis, you and Nicole are both fantastic people :)

    Have a great week!

  8. Hmmm. Reading your post Em, I'm thinking that we really might have to influence each other to stay ROWing because I also tend to watch movies and call it research.....

    Just kidding. We'll be a good team. A weekend in a new secluded environement should help with making progress on the plotting.

  9. Thank you so much everyone for your comments! Week one was good but week 2 is tough to fit the writing time on earth am I going to do NaNo? Ok, will save that freak out for another day!

    Hope you all have great second weeks!

  10. Wow, good work. And the weekend away sounds great. Yay!