Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday 19th October ROW80 Check-in

So far this week has gone well and I did an hour of character work/plotting/reading for NaNo/researching on both Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I made a list of all the characters I wanted and gave them all names and ages. Then I woke up on Tuesday and crossed two of the hotel staff off....I just didn't think I needed them! Still a long way to go and am hoping to complete some character profiles tonight but have had a hectic day and am sooooo tired. We will see. Feels good to be an hour over my goal of half an hour a day.

However I may need to call on this hour this weekend. I have a friends wedding and I am away from Friday till Sunday. I hope to do some work on the train but on Saturday there is no chance and I am ok with this. I am off work next week as it is half term so hopefully when I am a bit rested and have some daylight time on my hands I will really crack on with plotting and sequencing the scenes of my story.

NaNo has been on my mind alot and when I have days like today when I have not stopped between 7am and 7pm it makes me think how on earth am I going to NaNo? Think I have mentioned before I am hoping to get some words done before work in the morning (eeek!) and I think the weekends will be key.

I also will be able to get through it because Lena and I have our NaNo support group blog up and running! I must say here that Lena never ceases to amaze me with what she achieves and she has definately done most of the work to our site. You can find it here Fun not fear! The name fun not fear came from several online conversations Lena and myself had about wanting to take part in NaNo but wanting it to be as fun as possible. Our plan is to post a small post on a Friday (a NaNo check-in if you will) with short updates of how we are getting on and we will also link other blogs that we have read relating to NaNo aswell. We would love it if people stop by and let us know how they are getting on or to cheer on others if you aren't taking part yourself. We won't post apart from this as we don't want to distract ourselves from our writing too much! There is also a linky page where you can add your NaNo profile so people can buddy you.

Please do stop by and read the welcome and introduction and if you want to know more about us you can click on the 'About us' in the top right hand corner. The preparation for the site has got me so excited for NaNo itself and I love a bit of accountability!

Ok, off to look at some people's check-ins and to hopefully do some character work.....hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. This is great, Em! I can't wait to showcase your (and Lena's) support group in my Sunday post!

    If I continue in my current mode of productivity, I'll be joining for sure. The ideas are rolling nicely, and I'm loving the outlining book I'm reading by K.M. Weiland! So helpful.

    Have a blast this weekend...weddings are so fun! Dancing, eating, open bar...what's not to love? Ha!

  2. Looks like you're getting a lot accomplished. Way to go!

  3. Good for you on the Nano. I'm not sure I could do it, but hope those who are participating manage to meet their goals. It sounds like the prep work is key!

    Some days are easier than others to work on your writing goals. I know life and outside factors get in the way. Just try to squeeze in time when you can. That is what is important :)

  4. You've been working hard Em. Using train time is a good way to get some work in, but don't push yourself too hard that you get burnt out before NaNo starts.

    I will check out your and Lena's NaNo blog. I wanted to do NaNo, but I think I need to see how it works first before I jump in. So consider me ROWsis cheerleader.

  5. I talked myself out of NaNo, due to the co-author nature of my current WIP and family commitments, but I am so thrilled you & Lena are coming together and building a support group. Makes me (almost!) reconsider my decision.

    I hope it helps to know I'll be pulling for all my writer friends and checking in to see how you are all doing. (Like it, Nicole... consider me another ROWsis cheerleader!)