Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday 12th October 2011

Well this week has thrown up time challenges but I am managing to stay on track. On Monday I had a list of things to do as long as my arm and with unexpected phone calls I only managed 15 minutes of research into hotels in the 1930s. I made up for this before work yesterday with a further 15 minutes research on the same topic. Last night I had a friend to stay (who knows nothing of my writing) so I got nothing done. Therefore today I spent an hour watching one of the episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs and I now have 3 pages of notes on dress and language with little detail ideas scattered amongst it. Whilst this seems like loose research I actually feel like I am starting to understand the time period and feel like I can imagine my characters and location more.

Whilst I am on track I am struggling time wise. My workload for my job can be a bit relentless and I also am blessed to have a lovely social life so I am not getting as much done as I would like. But I have a lot of this weekend free so I am planning on tackling my plot and starting to put my story ideas down. I was rubbish at getting around to other people's check-ins and I want to do better at this whilst not using my writing time to do so. I guess it is all a balancing act.

One thing I am considering in my NaNo prep is early morning/before work writing. I think this may be crucial to my success. I figure even if I only manage 10 or 15 minutes before work (I am not great in the morning) then this will lessen my evening word count. I guess it is something I can try when November is here!

I am off to check out some check-ins and I hope everyone is doing well with their goals!


  1. I know a lot of people who complained about not having time to write. Then they started waking up a little earlier and writing before everything, even breakfast and they said it changed everything. They get more writing done and their mood is better for the rest of the day.
    You really should give it a try.
    Good luck ;)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! I do feel I would walk around with my head held higher if I knew I had done some of that days writing before work. We will see.....

  3. Hey Em! I'm glad you stopped by ...I can't find your post on the linky tools. I'd have found it eventually, but I like to visit all my 'friends' first...haha.

    You know..I could take my new project and make a go of it for NaNoWriMo....??? I'll think about it. Have you read my Rule of Three Blogfest stories?? I'm thinking of turning what I'm writing there into my next project. I'd like some feedback.

    What all do you do to prepare for NaNo? I have only what I've written for Rule of Three...and some research on the topic of the djinn.

    I'm happy to see that you're plugging away...and that you have a 'happening' social life! It's good to get out. I think it gets the creative juices flowing.

    Still looking forward to hearing what all your research on the 1930's produces, too.

  4. Em
    It's tough when you work out of the home and have a great social life. I know a lot of people who get up early and stay up late. If you can manage it, it is a great way to get some writing in.

    And sounds like you're doing great on your research.

    Good job!

  5. I find research hard. I'd much rather write. I had to research Physics for my novel for a short 500 word chapter. I needed to not have my professor sound like an idiot. Now I know why I didn't take physics. BORING!

  6. I'm so happy that you've got yourself a bustling social life, though I know what you mean -- it can be hard to balance that, work, and writing all at once. I've found that writing daily has become a little difficult for me to do, and I'm slightly worried about what that will mean for November... So I might also try to get 20 minutes or so of writing done in the mornings, or earlier in the day, instead of saving it for the evening after I've eaten dinner, which has been my usual routine.

    I can't wait to hear more about your research. I've been meaning to watch Upstairs Downstairs (my thesis advisor recommended it to me), so I'll have to add it to my netflix queue.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  7. Progress is progress, Em. Nothing wrong with having an active social life (can totally understand how that grabs time).

    Have a great coming week and all the best for NaNo!

  8. oh, i've had 'lost' months before - those are the worst! but i'm glad you are back on track. as long as you are easy on yourself and past habits, you'll keep chugging along!

    love that christmas and ebay are making their way into your research. FUN!