Sunday, 18 December 2011

ROW80 Check-in 18th December

Not a huge amount to report again this end. I am now finished for our Christmas holidays which is a big relief as it has been a long, busy, stressful term. So for now, I want to try and switch off my brain and sleep!

On the reading front I am now on my 65th book of the year. Will try for 70 since I am not at work but with lots of lovely times with family and friends it might not happen but I can but try. 100 next year will be a tall order...will have to keep my eyes open for some shorter books!

Newtowritinggirl asked if I am going to review any of the books I am going to try and read. I have never written a book review but I think this is something I might try. I am going to think about the frequency, maybe one a month as that is 12 in the year (aren't I good at Maths!) but will think on it more before I finalise my goals.

I did bring the print outs of some of my chick-lit book To my parents so I might cast my eyes over that I. Find time amongst the festivities!

Hope everyone is having a great week. One week till Christmas!!!


  1. Enjoy your break, Em! Have a wonderful time with your family and friends. See you next round!

  2. relax and enjoy the festivities - 100! I want to read more and thought of a challenge but not sure I could manage 100 - will think on - look forward to seeing you next year

  3. Wow, 100 books! That is an awesome ambition. I think I am throwing my hat in the ring for this '50 books, 50 films' challenge that I ran across the other day. I spend way too much time watching movies, and I think 1 book a week is probably do-able.

    Enjoy your holiday break, and have a great time with your parents. Oh, and have fun looking over the chick-lit book, if you have time to get around to it, that is. :D

  4. You know, I thought about reviewing books too, but I'm not sure if I should. I can be pretty sarcastic at times ... and I'm very scared of offending the author w/o meaning too lol
    Enjoy your break! And have fun with your family!

  5. Wow! 65 books and I thought I was doing good with 20 classical novels. You're an awesome reader. Good luck with your goals. Will you join Row80 in 2012?

  6. I also think it's amazing you've read more than 60 books this year -- not to mention all the writing you've accomplished! Have a great holiday break and a merry Christmas!

  7. Enjoy your holiday, Em. See you in 2012 :)

  8. I was going to have a moan I didn't get a shout out in this, because I have in your last two check-ins, but then I saw my name - woop! I’m becoming the little devil/angel on your shoulder!

    Doing book reviews still scares me a little (that's probably why I'm having to do about 7 this month as I haven't the rest of the year), but the more you do the better you feel about them.

    I’ve always been really scared about reviewing books that I didn't like. Most of the time I decide NOT to, but for challenges I need to! I mentioned this to Laura (Parish) and she said to focus on one thing that you did like, so that's what I've been doing since. I just had to do one which was horrible (especially when I was not liking a really famous author's work!), but it’s done and I feel better for it!

    Good luck with it.

    If I don't 'speak' to you before, have a FAB Christmas xx

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Yes Ali I will be signing up for ROW80 in will be my third round and hopefull my most successful!

    Newtowritinggirl...are you going to expect a shout out every time?!! Sorry it wasn't a link, I was doing it on an ipad and could't make the link work! Keep making me think and I will keep mentioning you ;)