Sunday, 15 July 2012

ROW80 Check-in 15th July 2012

Unlike last week I have actually managed not to lose momentum towards the end of the week and have done fairly well on my goals!

Here are my goals:
1) Until 1st August Spend 30 minutes at least a day on preparing for my new WIP.
2) Think of a name for CampNaNo project!
3) Two ROW80 check-ins a week no matter how short but sweet they are.
4) Read two books a week for 100+ reading challenge (or as much as I can!).
5) Review one book a month.

Since check-in on Wednesday I have managed to do 30 minutes of prep work towards my CampNaNo project each day. I can't remember the exact day I did what but I now have a list of characters with names, famous look-a-like photos to help me visualise (so much fun to collate!) and decided on a job for each character and the link to the MC. I am really starting to like my MC and keep thinking of traits and aspects of her backstory often at inconveinient moments like when I am driving. Although I love that she is infiltrating my head somewhat. So goal 1 - big tick!

Now I giggled when I read the comments of Juliana and Nadja who quite rightly pointed out it is hard to help name a book you know nothing about! Very briefly my WIP is about a girl who matchmakes all her friends and the journey it takes her on. Oooooh that was brief! I have decided on Matchmaker Matchmaker as a working title....maybe MM for short?!? So goal 2 - big tick!

Checking in for second time this week. Goal 3 - big tick!

As always I have been reading at every opportunity and have just finished my 49th book of the year! Still behind schedule but making up ground and after this coming week I have 6 weeks off work so I will be reading lots and lots! Not sure if I have read two books this week but will give goal 4 a tick as have read lots of books lately.

Goal 5 still needs to be completed. Now anyone who happens to check out my '100+ books in a year challenge!' page (I'm sure you all do daily!) will notice I have just finished the Shades of Grey Trilogy. I will not be reviewing any of these books. I have read so many reviews of the books that say most of what I want to say and to be honest if I start reviewing one of them I will end up ranting and the review will be pages and pages and I will end up feeling rage. I have learnt some valuable lessons though which will no doubt help me in my own writing such as how repetition can be the most infuriating thing ever! However, my favourite reviewer of book one is red lemonade who you should check out. Warning though there is lots of swearing and spoilers if you haven't read the book and are going to. Also if you love the books don't look as it will ruin them for you! So, so funny.

Hope you have all had successful weeks and here is to another productive one!


  1. You're doing great! Getting ready beforehand for CampNaNo is essential to succeed, I wish you the best in that endeavour. Keep up the good work and have a great week!

  2. Yay, GO EM! You're doing so well, keep up the good work. I like the name Matchmater Matchmaker! If you're anything like me you'll be glad you've got the MM to shorten it to, too!
    I'm tryig not to hate you for the 6 weeks off... trying ;-)

  3. Now that's better and I can say I kinda like the title ;)
    Book #49? Jeez! I'm on book #37 and just can't imagine reading any more than I already do lol
    You're doing great, Em! Keep that up ;)

  4. Great week, Em! I'm so excited about your Matchmaker, Matchmaker title! It's the one I liked too. (Totally thought I had commented to tell you that and just realized I didn't :\ ) I'm with newtowritinggirl...I'm also trying not to hate you for 6 weeks off you lucky duck!! BUT I guess I can look forward to next year ;)

  5. Great title, Em! 'Matchmaker, Matchmaker''s still adorable a week later. Ha! Glad you're moving along. Six weeks off? Hmmm... maybe meet a sexy man with an Irish accent. That would be a fun adventure. :}

    1. Nadja! If people haven't read my comment on your post they will not understand that!! Thanks for the the title love :)

      Lauren, Juliana and newtowritinggirl, glad you like the title too! Has really grown on me and I love it now I am using it (in my head) alot!

      EM - can we tempt you into joining us for camp?!

      And I apologise! The holidays are definitely a perk of being a teacher :)