Wednesday, 18 July 2012

ROW80 Check-in 18th July 2012

I almost feel I speak too soon when I say on a Wednesday my week is going well. I worry I will jinx it and all my productivity will come to a screeching halt. But alas, my week is going well!

Here are the goals:
1) Until 1st August Spend 30 minutes at least a day on preparing for my new WIP.
2) Think of a name for CampNaNo project!
3) Two ROW80 check-ins a week no matter how short but sweet they are.
4) Read two books a week for 100+ reading challenge (or as much as I can!).
5) Review one book a month.

As you can see goal 2 is gone and Matchmaker Matchmaker (or MM) is my working title for my CampNaNo project. I keep staring at it and pondering the use of a comma between the words. What do you think? I am going to keep the scored through goal there as it is nice to feel I have ticked something off.

Since Monday I have spent 30 minutes each evening plotting and planning MM and I now feel most of the decisions have been made. Of course details will change but it is nice to feel the preparations are going somewhere. On Monday and Tuesday I spent the 30 minutes grabbing images of people, furniture, even clothes to help me visualise my characters and their surroundings. I read somewhere about planning character's houses and how you get insight into someone by their house and the things they choose to have around them. I have now stopped myself in this endeavour as I could collect images forever more. It does make me realise how great it is to create fantasy spaces. My MC's bedroom very much resembles my dream bedroom. Sigh.

Today I spent time working on how long the MC has known people and how they met and also I have been researching certain aspects of history as my MC studied this at University. It is so amazing the things you can google but also amazing how quickly time flies!! Now I need to think about things I still need to decide on/research/work out and I also plan to re-read the amazing posts Larry Brooks wrote for NaNoWriMo which can be found here. Really worth a read. 13 more days to prepare!!

I have been reading a bit this week and am close to finishing a book although I am not really enjoying it. I need a good book that I can really get my teeth into after 4 books I have felt a bit half-hearted about. Luckily I have many great looking ones lined up!!!

So that is all for me. Two more days of work and then my summer holidays start! Six weeks is really amazing and I don't even care if the sun doesn't shine at all. Definite perk of being a teacher!

Hope you are having a great week wherever you are!


  1. Hey Em! We should totally cabin together for Camp Nano in August, if you don't already have a tribe. I'm trying to round up all the names of participants in both August Camp Nano and ROW80 so we can support each other.

    I still need a title for my August Nano/Fast Draft. Hmmmm...

  2. Wow, Em, you're a working machine! You have a lot of enthusiasm and drive, and you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

  3. Aww my dear, you're doing such a good job!! I could google for forever finding WIP pictures. (Part of the reason I love Pinterest so much - just click a button and it's all organized by project, etc.) 9 days to CampNano!!! Ahhhh! *runs around in circles* *passes out*

    Ok, I feel better now. I'm gonna work on some plotting today actually :D Are you officially on holiday now?!?! I hope it's amazing...annnd I hope you get to read something less blah soon!