Wednesday, 23 November 2011

ROW80 Check-in 23rd November

I briefly looked back at my ROW80 Round 4 goals today and on the 1st November my goal became to write 1,666 words a day or 11,662 a week to keep on track for NaNo. I have succeeded at this and actually done better most days! Yay! I also wanted to check-in on both Wednesdays and Sundays and I have done this each week too. Need to think about what my goals will be after NaNo. Life after NaNo....what will that be like?!

To the word counts of the last few days:

1,887 words during one hour sprint
Day 21 total - 1,887

229 words when in from work
1,821 during one hour sprint
Day 22 total - 2,050

1,799 words during one hour sprint
Day 23 total - 1,799

So my grand total is now 46,857 words!!!

I have eased off the morning writing and actually think my sprint word counts have been better as a result. Whether that is because I am getting an extra 30 minutes in bed each morning or because I know I have to do all my days words in the evening I don't know. I am pleased with my word count today as I have had the first inspection at school and the preparation was exhausting. Next one is next week....oh the joy!

Not alot to report apart from my murderer has just been arrested! I am going to wrap things up with my detective and then I think I am going to insert some first person bits from the mind of the murderer earlier in the book. If I don't get to 50,000 by the time I have done this I don't know what I will do!!! With less than 4,000 words (squeal!) to write it is probably silly to worry about running out of story but I do. Fingers crossed it will all be well.

Then I have the fun of trying to compile it all in scrivener....might come asking for help with that nearer the time!

Hope everyone is doing well and will aim to get around to some check-ins over the coming days. Me and my burning eyes are off to bed soon.

ps. Don't forget Lena will be checking in over at Fun not fear on Friday for the final push through to the finish line!!!


  1. Woot! Almost there! You can do it! lol

  2. WOW ROWsis you've done AMAZING!!!! I'm sooo happy for you. You shall be my inspiration to get back into the groove. With being sick for 8 days and then going on a 4-day getaway to my dream destination, it feels like I've been MIA for like 2-3 weeks, which is pretty true.

    Sorry that I haven't been cheering you on as much as I should be. I'm hoping that I can get some writing in as I'm not even halfway towards my ROW80 Round 4 goal yet. AND Christmas is coming....

  3. You're so close, you can do it. Plenty of time!

  4. Congrats. Hope it's a sprint to an early finish for you. You have all inspired me for a 2012 NaNo run.

    Cheering for you in the final days. Best of luck, hoping all the mysterious pieces fit together. ;-)

  5. You're doing great! I am loving these sprints. I think we need to keep them up even after November. I'll need it because last year, I crashed writing-wise after the 50k binge. I want to come down off of it a little easier this time. And I know my story won't be finished @ 50k. More writing! Yay!

    Keep up the good work :)

  6. Congrats!! I have to walk away from a "finished" product before I can be objective and really polish it.

    Hope your writing continues to motivate you.

    Hope you celebrated your victory!