Sunday, 20 November 2011

ROW80 Check-in Sunday 20th November

My software has behaved itself so I have had a happy few days of writing. I am still backing up daily though!

To the word counts -

656 words before work
1,488 in one hour sprint
Day 17 total - 2,144

1,114 words during one hour sprint
Day 18 total - 1,114

908 words in 45 minutes in the afternoon
518 in 30 minutes early evening
Day 19 total - 1,426

429 words in 30 minutes in the afternoon
1,630 words in one hour sprint
Day 20 total - 2,122

So my grand total is now 41,121!!!!

It felt so good to break the 40,000 word barrier today and I feel like things are on the right track. I think I will actually get to the end of my story in the 50k (if not a little bit more) as we are closing in on the murderer! Fun times!!! Less than 9,000 words to go....what a three weeks it has been!!

I have to say I am feeling the tiredness now though but I guess that is natural for day 20?! On Friday I was absolutely shattered and knew I had a big day at work so decided not to write early in the morning. Before work writing might be something I drop over the next week as I have some pretty big things going on at work (inspections which mean lesson observations, even more detailed planning etc.) and I need to be a functioning human being, not a tired zombie shell of a girl I have felt some days! I feel ok about this as I am well ahead of schedule at the moment. Although I felt weird stopping before reaching 2,000 words on some days as that is what I have been aiming for.

I also had a think about what I will do if I hit 50,00 words over the next week (all being well and if I manage to continue as I have been). I am not 100% sure but I think if I can 'win' before the 30th November I might ease off rather than seeing how much I can write if I go full pelt the whole way. When I first thought of this I felt uneasy, like I am giving up but reaching 50,000 was my goal and if I manage that early, I manage that early. I knew that the end of the month would be busier than the start so I did try to write more at the start in case the end of the month was tough. If I didn't have these unexpected (grr!) important things going on at work I might carry on and I still might. I am also bearing in mind that I am being a bridesmaid on the 3rd of December and I want to be rested for that day as much as I can be with said work things going on. Does anyone know if you try to 'win' NaNo before the 30th and manage it can you add a higher word count before the end of the 30th November?

Ok, am off to check out some check-ins before I go goggly eyed from staring at the computer for so long! Hope everyone is having great weeks!

ps. Don't forget we had a check-in over at Fun not fear! on Friday and Lena and I would love to hear how you are getting on!


  1. Very good work! I am loving these word sprints. It's always a fun group to write with. I bet you can reach the 50k before the 30th, no problem. And it lets you keep uping your word count even after you hit the mark. The graph stops just after 50, but it let you list beyond that. Go got it. Glad to hear the program is working with you once again. That is super frustrating. Anyway, good work all around. Keep it up :)

  2. Yayyyy for 40,000!!! That's amazing! Can't wait to get there myself :D Glad you're still ahead even though work is getting crazy. Don't worry too much on the numbers - this is a massive goal no matter what. Plus maybe if you still have more story to go, it will entice you to get right back to it after wedding and through the holidays?! Thank you and Lena for the FunNotFear posts - I love them :D Have a great week!

  3. You completely rock!! You're going to make it to 50,000 and any additional word count is just a bonus. Once you hit that "win" mark, I'd get rid of the writing you have the least fun with -- which seems to be the morning -- and just have fun with your sprints in the evening. Maybe you'll finish your book! But if it takes you until Christmas to finish, so what? You've written a book! The other argument for easing off a bit is that you might write a better ending the first time if you give your brain time to rest and process what you've written so far. That takes a little longer during first draft, but it'll save tons of time during revision.

  4. Congrats on passing the 40k mark, Em, you are sure to finish it before the end of the week. Truly awesome. Great sprinting with you this week :)

    I'm with you on the tiredness of the NaNo run but to be honest I'm planning to up my word count beyond NaNo levels in the coming months. Counting NaNo as a warm up.

    Have a great coming week and hopefully see you at the sprints :)

  5. Congrats!!! That is an awesome acheievment in such a short period of time. I wish I had your stamina :)

  6. well done on the word count and I know how tired you are belive me I know! Have a great wedding so relax and rest up its a great day - and prob rest of novel will enjoy relaxing as well.
    all the best for coming week