Wednesday, 2 November 2011

ROW80 Check-in 2nd November

My first NaNo has got off to a good start! Do you like the way I say first like it won't be my last? I really don't think it will be as I am loving the buzz and motivation and excitement I am feeling as a result of taking part. Whilst I can't keep up with the #nanowrimo twitter stream as there are SO MANY people taking part it is constantly updating I feel like I am not alone in this mad challenge! I also wonder why I didn't take part in CampNano as I was not at work during August and it would have made this a lot easier!

On Monday after my brilliant weekend away I was easy on myself and simply read through my outline and plot to refresh my brain. I also did some practical jobs so that I would be able to focus solely on writing atleast for the next few evenings. I did not sleep well as I was so excited though! This was not great as I was tired when I woke up on Tuesday.

Here is how the last few days have gone:

584 words before leaving for work.
1,112 words during an hour sprint with newtowritinggirl and laurengarafalo
352 words in 30 mins after sprint.
Day 1 total - 2048

611 words before leaving for work.
1,194 words during an hour sprint with the same lovely ladies as above.
220 minutes in 20 minutes after sprint.
Day 2 total - 2025

So grand total so far is 4073!!!!

Not bad for two days work! The sprints have been great motivation and we are planning on doing them on weekdays if our schedules allow. I have written a little bit after each sprint because we stop dead to count our numbers and I have wanted to finish a paragraph or scene before I stop.

I do feel I could write more tonight but I am very tired and I don't want to push too hard as I am already over my goal for both days. Morning writing has not been as hard as I thought it would be but I do plan the night before where I am going to start so I know straight away where to start.

I checked out some check-ins earlier and it seems like everyone is doing great at NaNo or their ROW80 goals....keep at it everyone!!!

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  1. Congratulations on a great start to your first NaNo! So glad you're having fun with it. The community, knowing so many others are doing this too, is pretty awesome, isn't it?

    Enjoy, and don't forget to sleep. :)

  2. Very very nice! I'm looking forward to getting done with this WIP so I can can sprint away on new things. (Alas, NaNo never coincides with a time when I can stop to work on something new. So I do it on my own at other times.)

  3. Congratulations on your NaNo start! Awesome word count! What time do you do your writing sprint? If you need/want another sprinter, let me know via twitter. I have been writing in mid to late afternoon (eastern standard time!) and then later in the evening/night.

  4. Great start, Em! I've been thinking about doing word sprints as well but my evening is not at the same time (GMT -6). I'll have to ask around.

    I can feel your excitement and agree it is a fun time so far. I feel like I'm learning a lot every day.

    Keep up the great progress :)

  5. Yes, I love that you have called this your "first" NaNo - I feel the same way! I think I'm much more prepared this time around than I was in August, and that's really exciting, because (right now, anyway) things don't seem nearly as scary as it did before I started. But we'll see how it goes during the rest of the month...

  6. Wow! Amazing job, Em! Looks like sprints are key to your totals in these first days. I always write best in the morning, and what you say about checking your work at night and knowing where you'll start in the morning is great! I find my brain works on the next scene over night, and I wake up bursting with words. Keep it up!! :)

  7. I love the sprint ideas and finding writing partners. Where would we all be without the lovely writing community?!

    Sounds like you are off to a great start. So excited for all the NaNoers. It's helped me focus on my writing, too.

  8. Sounds like the sprints are really working out for you! Maybe I'll join in when I start my new project later this month *straps running shoes on*

    Good luck keeping the momentum!

  9. Nice Em, keep it up!
    We could try to do some writing sprints together this week ;)