Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday 13th November ROW80 Check-in

I will try and make sense in this post but I think NaNo brain is setting in and I seem to use up all my focus on my writing so everything else is a bit random!

Word counts:

333 words before work
1,093 during one hour sprint in evening
614 in 40 minutes after sprint
Day 10 total - 2,040

538 words before work
510 words in 30 minutes in afternoon
1,046 words in 50 minutes in evening
Day 11 total - 2,094

Adding few sentence to a previous scene 128 words
625 words in afternoon
1,301 words in hour sprint in evening
Day 12 total - 2,054

So grand total so far is 25, 030!!!!

Or so I thought!

I was so pleased to pass the 25,000 word mark I updated my word count, looked at the pretty graph and went to bed. This morning I decided to check the word counts I have written down against the word counts of all the ages of Scrivener and they don't match up! I hate numbers (ok hate might be too strong a word!) and was worried the number element of this would drive me crazy but the good news is when I add up my totals on scrivener it comes to 25,188. I spent a good half an hour checking my numbers, scratching my head and throwing my arms in the air but have decided not to worry and just plough on. My plan is to add up the scrivener word counts everyday instead of rely on my notes because I have been going back and popping a sentence or two in when I have thought of something I want to add so maybe I have just missed some numbers in my calculations. And....deep breath!

I am at my friends and it is true what they say, a change is as good as a rest. Is nice to write and not have my pile of dishes scowling at me. I was hoping for lots more words yesterday but I had lots of paperwork from school to bring home and it took three times as long as I was expecting but atleast it is done and today is all about the writing. Although unexpectedly I am going to the cinema with my sister and brother-in-law later and for a drink wtih them so while I won't have so long to write it hopefully will motivate me to get a wriggle on and then I can enjoy an evening off. and see them.

So far today I have written 1,357 words in 45 minutes. newtowritinggirl tweeted asking if anyone was up for a sprint this morning but she had started by the time I saw it so she tweeted me the challenge of beating her word count. I did manage it, I think I only got ten words more or something but it kick started me this morning!

I had a bit of a crisis of confidence on Thursday night which seemed to come out of nowhere. I have been really pleased with my word count each day and am amazed I am actually a couple of days ahead of schedule. Sitting down and writing hasn't been a problem. Knowing what to write hasn't been a problem as I had outlined and planned lots. I am thankful that I haven't had any staring at a blank screen moments. Getting up in the morning hasn't been a problem for the most part (although I struggled by Friday!). I just feel like I am further through my story than I should be for 25,000 words. I had assumed I wouldn't reach the end of my story at the end of NaNo but it is looking like I might. I started to worry lots about the plot but then I realised lots of Agatha Christie books are fairly short, almost novellas. So a quick google later and I found out her book 'The Mysterious Affair of Styles' was only 59,885 words so I decided to cast these thoughts from my mind and just crack on!

I have thought about bits I want to add in and I have some interviews, the pathologists feedback, the Inspectors deliberations, the reveal and the murderers reasons etc all to come to lots to write about.

Before I go me and Lena checked in at Fun not fear on Friday and both of us aren't finding week two as straightforward as week one. We would love to hear how you are getting on!

Hope you have had a great week and the next one is even better than the last!


  1. NaNo brain *grins, bumps into a wall* Oh yeah. Where was I?

    You are doing fantastic, Em! I keep trying to catch up to you in NaNo count but the sprints are keeping you that one step ahead. Which is nice because it gives me great motivation every day.

    I'm with you on the word counts. My Write Way says I'm at one count but when I transfer them into a Word Doc I get a completely different number. It isn't off by a lot but I'm planning on writing to 52-53k just to be safe.

    Have a great week, Em :)

  2. these word count differences worry me - is nano check different as well? Will write more just in case. How you getting on with write way gene - have still to try it am test running schrivner at moment will try write way with my short stories see which will suit me best

    Em you seem to well on top of things there - my brain is getting mushy too:)been pushing too hard to get ahead to allow time for events now have real prob. knowing how to write let alone what!!!!

    all the best for this coming week

  3. LOL! I'm completely amused that we're all experiencing Nano brain mushy mush. The title of my blog today is Bumpity Bump Bump because when I thought about how I've felt for the last few days, those were just the words that came out :D

    Em, you're doing wonderfully! I'm glad you've decided not to worry about the final numbers. 50K is an amazing goal if your story ends finished or unfinished. I have a feeling that after you've finished your story and read it, you'll find that it was a first pass and think of a bazillion things you want to add in. Nano brain is probably crippling that part of your mind at the moment!

    Have fun at the movies with your sis!! And here's to week 3 (omg, omg, omg)!!

  4. Wow, those word counts are amazing! That's fantastic - you should feel really proud. :) And the story will be the size it needs to be! I have the opposite problem, I think my story is gonna be waaaay too long...

    And hang in there with the crises of confidence! I think we all have them. I've had my share this week. It's normal. Just shut up the nagging voice in your head and keep on writing (like you are)!

  5. Aren't those sprints awesome? They keep us in check lol
    Way to go ;) You're doing great!

  6. You're making amazing progress! Moments of panic are par for the course. If you hit the end of your storyline before 50,000 words, you can always go back and start adding in detail and scenes you've thought of. My favorite writers have a tight style, and shorter books. :)

  7. Awesome!! (that's all there is to say)

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  9. *Typo Edit*

    Hmm.. ok.. I guess I'll just sum up my comment like this... SWEET!

  10. You're doing so well! Keep it up. Although, next time I set you a challenge, it would be nice for you NOT to beat me (and I think it was LESS than 10, ha ha!).
    I worry about discrepancies in word counts. The 1st year I did it I was moving between three computers, and each one always had a different count (wordpad vs different versions of word). My plan is ALWAYS to write AT LEAST 50,100 before I try to 'win' - that way I'm sure I'll get there.
    Thanks for the positive words on my blog, they help so much (so does beating me at a challenge, I totally want to beat you back again... competitive? Me?)