Wednesday, 30 November 2011

ROW80 Check-in 30th November

I cannot tell you how glad I am that I am not sprinting to the finish of NaNo today! Having said that I can't wait for next year and am considering CampNaNo as I am not at work for the month of August. I have been riding high on my 'win' and told my parents and friends who knew about I was doing it. One friend sent me a Congratulations ecard which was lovely. I have to say I didn't explain the concept of 'winning' that well to my mum because when I said 'I've won NaNo!' she thought it meant I was first place, the only winner and it meant I would be published! Even though it made me laugh it was nice she had such faith that what I have been toiling away at for the last month might actually be good! Was lovely.

I am going to post about all the things I learnt during NaNo but will save that for another day when I have reflected more. I want to say thank you to everyone who sprinted with me for being part of my daily routine and constantly pushing me to write more and more in that hour. One day maybe I will beat Gene in a sprint! Thank you to Gene and other sprinty sprinters newtowritinggirl, Nicole, Lena, Wendy Jane and Lauren how brought us all together and kept us on track! Thank you to everyone else who left encouraging comments, they really spurned me on especially when the tiredness was really kicking in!

Now on Sunday I mentioned I am not sure what I am going to do next. I am 100% sure I am not going to look at my NaNo murder mystery until January and I hope I will be pleasantly surprised by what I find. I am seriously considering returning to the chick-lit book I was writing in the summer as I have 30,000 plus words already but I seem to remember my MC was getting on my nerves, crying all the time so she would need alot of work but I loved the story idea. I have a hazy idea for another chick-lit book but not sure I want to pursue that at the moment. Oh decisions decisions.

newtowritinggirl suggested using writing prompts and possibly posting them here which makes me shudder but might be good for the busy month of December as it will keep me writing but I don't have to decide on a bigger project. So basically I am still in decision mode and this weekend is the weekend of my friend's wedding so I will be rocking my bridesmaid dress and having an amazing time. I will think about writing and mull things over but hold off making any firm goals at the moment.

I hope everyone who is still busy with NaNo has a brilliant last day and well done to everyone who has 'won'! We should all be published....after some careful editing of course!


  1. You seriously have been kicking ass and taking names. That's awesome and congrats on NaNo!

  2. Again, Em, congrats on the NaNo win! You did it!

    Weddings are such fun! Rock that dress and have a great weekend.

  3. Congrats on NaNo win!
    My cousin's wedding is this weekend too and I'm also wearing a bridesmaid dress lol
    Have fun!

  4. Have a lovely time at the wedding--I can well imagine you rocking the dress.

    Congrats on NaNo! I'm so impressed with all you sprinters, watching those amazing word counts on Twitter.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy figuring out your next step.

  5. Congrats on NaNo!

    When thinking about what you do next--I do hope that "taking a deep breath, maybe a few days to relax" is on the menu! (Or at least, has already been done!)

    I think that you've made a good decision not to look at your NaNo novel until January. Taking a break with a different genre, and a different project, will hopefully help your mind slide from the manic glee of NaNo'ing into the more familiar and cozy routine of writing regularly.

  6. I hope the first item on your list is to celebrate your NaNo victory, do something fun!

    Good luck with December writing. I'm so far out of the groove. I need to get it back.

    I wish the wordsprints would continue. I need a kick in the pants!

  7. Congratulations on you win! Sounds like holding off on the "what's next" decision is a good call. Enjoy the wedding!

  8. It was great getting to sprint with you, Em and while I may have gotten you on word count you were a huge inspiration throughout the month. So, thank you much friend :)

    Have fun at the wedding and enjoy the bit of time getting to relax after a long well done adventure.

  9. Congrats on the win! It's always exciting. Hope you sign up again next year. I'm also hoping we keep up the daily sprints. I've taken a break, but am itching to get back to it now.

    Good work all around and have fun!

  10. Woot woot! *dance, dance* Congrats on your win!