Sunday, 12 August 2012

ROW80 Check-in 12h August 2012

Ok, this has to be quick as the Closing ceremony of the Olympics is starting any minute now and I want to watch it!!
Here are my goals:
1) Write at least 1,613 words a day on new WIP for CampNaNo.
2) Two ROW80 check-ins a week no matter how short but sweet they are.

3) Read two books a week for 100+ reading challenge (or as much as I can!).
4) Review one book a month.

Ok, Goal 2 - big tick, Goal 3 - big tick (now on book 57 of the year) and goal 4 - to be completed at a later date!!

Goal 1 is going well although I am behind as I was out for the day yesterday and didn't do any writing. Here are my CampNaNo word counts:

Thursday - 1,632 words
Friday - 1,166 words
Saturday - 0 words (ouch!)
Sunday - 1,832

Total so far - 17,729 words

I am really pleased with what I have accomplished but I need to make up the gap as soon as possible as it is amazing how far behind you can get if you miss a day in NaNo. I am enjoying it though and as predicted I am struggling with too much time (please don't throw things at me!) as I have time to analyse my WIP as I go and this has caused some writer's doubt at times. In November when I am writing around work I have no time to think beyond 'write, write. write!' and found I was less critical of myself. I am going to try and put this doubt to one side and just write.

I will check out how some of you guys are doing but for now I must go and watch the closing ceremony. What an amazing couple of weeks it has been! Hope you have had great weeks!


  1. Yay for you!! I'm about 10k in at camp, but I'm going to try to make up for it this week! You're doing awesome!!

  2. Wow, over 17k is great!
    It's like they always say, we have to send our inner editors on vacation during our first draft lol But it's really, really hard. I'm always holding myself not to go back and fix something lol
    You're doing great hon! Keep that up ;)

  3. Great word count! And not analyzing WiPs as you write is always a struggle. Just try to plow through it, don't look back, and do whatever it takes to keep your Inner Critic's mouth shut.

  4. I hope you enjoyed the closing ceremony!
    You're doing well with CampNaNo, 17K is great!It's very easy to get behind but I definitely think you can make up for Saturday. Keep writing!