Sunday, 5 August 2012

ROW80 Check-in 5th August 2012

Well it is 11.15pm so I will be checking in on time but don't expect much sense out of me. And so the NaNo madness begins!!!

My goals are:
1) Write at least 1,613 words a day on new WIP for CampNaNo.
2) Two ROW80 check-ins a week no matter how short but sweet they are.
3) Read two books a week for 100+ reading challenge (or as much as I can!).
4) Review one book a month.

Right. Where to start. Reading has taken a bit of a back seat so I have not read two books this week and a book review will happen later this month. I am checking in so goal 2 is a big fat tick for this week.

Now for the elusive goal 1. For the first five days my word counts have been inconsistent but I have written each day which is something.

Wednesday - 2,054 words
Thursday  1,692 words
Friday - 783 words
Saturday - 2,153 words
Sunday - 865 words

Total so far: 7,547

So very up and down. By now I should be on a total of 8,065 so I am bit behind but I should be able to make that up over the next couple of days. Friday's words were low because I was at a wedding which meant all day out and today we have had a family day. I knew I would struggle to sit down and write at times but I didn't think I would find it this hard to find time to write. As I am not at work for the summer (if anyone doesn't know I am a teacher) so I thought it would be easy with all this time but what I hadn't banked on was distractions. In term time I live by myself so in November for NaNoWriMo I wrote when and how I wanted once I got home from work but staying with family has been a completely different experience. And not just staying with family but staying with my sister, her husband and my beautiful nephew who will be eight weeks old tomorrow. I do not know how you ROW80ers with children do it. How any writers do it. I find an hour passes and all me and him have done is cuddled and played. It is quite simply lovely. My sister is totally supportive of my writing for CampNaNo so it isn't that but I want to be as helpful as possible and as the lovely Lauren pointed out he is only to be this tiny once so I need to make the most of it.

I am going to try and get in  morning writing routine so I can enjoy my days without constantly thinking about when I am going to squeeze in my writing. So I guess I should go to bed! I am not going to beat myself up because I have written over 7,000 words in five days and that is pretty great!! I will try and get round to some check-ins tomorrow but hope everyone has had a brilliant week.


  1. Wow, that's a great word count! Way to go!
    I'm a mommy. How do I do it? The kid goes to daycare for half-day. Not only I need it, she needs it. Otherwise, I would get nothing done, not just writing, but nothing really. No cooking, no cleaning, no organizing, no gym ...
    Great start for CampNaNo! Keep that up!

  2. I wish I could have your word count this week! I'm getting there, and so are you! Keep up the great work :-). What's Camp NaNo?

  3. Good work, darling!! That's a great word count. I'm behind too (a lot further lol) so I'll be doing a bunch of catch up myself this week. I'm kind of excited about it though honestly. It's all a challenge. Ask me next week, and I might have a different outlook, but for now....excited :D Enjoy your little nephew!

  4. You're doing great so far, I'm sure you will keep it up :) I think your idea of writing in the morning is a good one, then you can enjoy your day and your time with your family without feeling worried/guilty about your wordcount. Have a great week and happy writing!