Sunday, 11 September 2011

ROW 80 Check-in 11th September

Firstly, thank you for the lovely comments/tweets after my last check-in. I really did appreciate them. I have found it comforting that whilst other aspects of my life are not turning out how I expected that I still have an urge to check-in and even though I haven't written since Monday I don't want to lose touch with the wonderful community I have found by taking part in ROW 80.

It is strange as I don't want to splash my personal life all over here but I feel like I need to justify my complete goal failure this week....guess that is the double edged sword of accountability! It is probably enough just to say that my writing stopped dead as I had reached the part in my book where two characters are madly in love and truly I cannot write about that right now.

Whilst I haven't been writing I have been reading and have updated my 'Books I have read' page. Reading took a slight backseat to writing but I have been very glad to distract myself with books.

I have also been thinking about NaNo and if my aversion to chick-lit continues for a while then my NaNo idea may be no good. I have been thinking about writing a murder mystery a la Agatha Christie (might as well aim high and I do live in Devon after all!) so this is a request for any links/tips people have for writing a murder mystery. Any advice would be very gratefully recieved!

Before I go I had some lovely news this week just when I needed it. Tia over at Depression Cookies awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you so much Tia, you have no idea how wonderful it was to hear you had given me this award especially as you gave it to people you feel reach out and support other writers.


Now the rules are to thank the person who gave it to you, write seven things about yourself and to pass it on to other bloggers. Thank you again Tia and now for the seven things about me. Oh dear. Like Tia I will write the first seven things that pop into my head that I am willing to share.

1) I am 28 years old and have only lived in 5 different houses throughout my life so far. My parents still live in the house I grew up in.

2) I studied Psychology at University.

3) I am a practically a professional people watcher....almost to the point of it being inappropriate.

4) When I was younger I used to swim and represented my town in competitions in the South West and once went to France to compete in a gala. This is as sporty as I get.

5) I have visited 12 European countries outside of the UK. They are Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Poland and Switzerland.

6) I have had the same hairstyle for pretty much the last ten years. Don't get me wrong, it is more of just having long hair rather than a style.

7) This December I am being a bridesmaid for the 4th time. It will be the second time my bridesmaid dress will be green which I love.

Not the most intelligent things about me but I hope there is something there for everyone!

Now to pass the award on. There has been lots of talk in our ROW 80 community about awards and I want to pass them on not because the 'rules' say I should but because so many people inspire me. I have picked four bloggers who I read come rain or shine and they always make me excited to write.

I am going to pass the award on to:

* Jamila Jamison
* Marie Andrews
* Nadja Notariani
* newtowritinggirl

Thank you ladies for all your encouragement, support and for being so damn inspiring!


  1. I am just starting with ROW80 this week. Crazy, eh? And am grateful to find you and have YOU be my very first blog to comment.

    Reading is important for writers, too, as you know.

    Perhaps this week more words will be born onto the page.


  2. I understand about not being able to write at a certain point in your story. I am just now getting back with the program. My personal life took a beating recently and my muse suffered greatly for it. My characters were to a point where they were beginning to catch on the one another's needs. For whatever reason, I couldn't make myself care about them. It takes time and maybe a little push from friends to dive back into the story. It'll come, and it will make up for the down time. Keep up the good work!

  3. ((((Em))))
    I wish I could offer a better encouragement, but all I'll say is...'This too shall pass'. It's what my mom always says. (Of course, she also used to say things like, 'If you must suffer, please suffer quietly where I don't have to see it.'....umm yeah. But then she would sit and make sport of whatever bad thing was upsetting us (my sisters and me) until we were all laughing together in the kitchen like a pack of cackling chickens.)
    If I ever learn what has you 'fotch-faced' (another fun term we toss around) I promise to make the most awesome sport of it until you get a stitch in your side from laughing.
    And thanks!! I'll be posting my shiny, new award. ~ Nadja

  4. Congratulations on the award,Em! Well-deserved, I'd say! You have always been very supportive of me.

    Try not to worry about not being able to write the love scene. There are times when it is just easier to write angry, or sad. If I don't need a scene like that, then I write it out like morning pages or just plain old venting. Sometimes that helps.

  5. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your comments.

    Julie Jordan Scott - welcome to ROW80. You really will find it the most supportive writing community and as a challenge it is brilliant as it works around you.

    Wendy Jane - thank you. It is nice to know others struggle at times too. Am going to try and push through it and open my WIP after work tonight and see what happens. Atleast it will be distracting!

    Nadja - I keep muttering 'this too shall pass' to myself....spooked me that you wrote it in a comment! Thank you for your kind comments. You absolutely deserve the award. Maybe if I still struggle with writing I will get stuck into reading your book!

    Elizabeth - Thank you! The award definately meant a lot. I am going to try and write tonight and see what happens. Maybe the emotions I am feeling will help my writing....there is a silver lining I can cling too!

    Thank you everyone again.

  6. Congrats on your award, Em. I'd love to travel Europe, so much beautiful country to explore, rich in history and culture.

    An Agatha Christie novel sounds like a fun time and an excellent diversion. You should go for it.

    Have a great week.

  7. Awww, thank you sweets for the award! Very much appreciated :) My week didn't go the way I'd planned either, but I did read a few books and did a lot of I guess that's something? lol. I too considered not posting, but at the end of the day I did anyhow...for the people :)

    Murder mystery sounds fantastic! If you're going to write 50,000 words for a full month you might as well make it super exciting and intriguing :)

    Keep pushing forward and again, thank you for the kind award!


  8. I think the awards is also a big treat for us readers :) I love your little facts about you!

    And as for writing, we all have those bumps in the road. My solution is just to let it ride out and the story will either come to you or you move on.

  9. Life often steam rolls us...I'm glad that you have met some great people through ROW80. I've given your blog an award. Check here and enjoy:

  10. Congrats on the award! I love leaving the little tidbits that people post to go along with them.

    I hope the lull clears up soon for you; they usually do, we just have to bear with it and get through them and then it's joyfully like they never happened to begin with, right?

    I don't have any links or anything to pass along regarding a murder mystery, just a note that I think it's a great idea! Can't wait to hear more if you decide to go with it, Em!