Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ROW 80 Check-in 21st September

I can't believe this is the final check-in of Round 3 of ROW 80! It has been such a great 80 days with highs (and lows) and I have learnt so much. Here is a recap of my goals.

* Complete the weekly Fiction Friday prompts from (on 'our writing prompts' page).

* Spend 30 minutes a day on writing or writing related activities (e.g. planning, researching, revising). So in a week I am aiming for 3 and a half hours of dedicated time. If I miss a day I will try and make up that 30 mins elsewhere in the week.

* Post ROW80 check-ins on Sunday and Wednesdays and also one additional post a week. So three posts a week.

*Goal added in week 5 - Exercise atleast two times a week.

When I look at my geeky tracker I realised for the first 9 weeks of the round I achieved all my goals with the exception of a fail for my exercise goal in week 7. I am so proud of myself for achieving all my goals for the first 9 weeks even though these last three weeks have been terrible in terms of progress.

Even though my personal life threw me a curve ball in week 10 which saw my writing stop dead I am not going to focus on that but I am going to focus on the brilliant, happy things that have happened.

* I have written drafts of two children's stories which I hope I will return to at some point.

* I have written 33,141 words of my chick lit WIP that I WILL return to once I feel in the chick lit frame of mind.

* I have made many online writing friends who cheer me on and look out for me when things are tough.

* I have found the confidence to sign up for NaNo in November.

* I have shared my desire to write with some people close to me.

* I have found time in my day to day life to write and have started to take my writing seriously.

* I have recieved 3 blog awards.


I will most certainly be around for Round 4 and my time between now and the 3rd of October will be spent deciding on goals and hopefully making some headway in my NaNo murder mystery plotting. I plan to post small posts (famous last words!) on Wednesdays and Sundays as it is habit for me now so please stop by if you want to know what I am up to!

Also it is in these posts that I will share any NaNo build up/panic and Lena and I will hopefully have some news about a NaNo support group for ROW80ers soon too!

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, tweeted a friendly word and I look forward to seeing you in Round 4!


  1. Awesome round!!! You achieved A LOT. I'm so happy that we connected through ROW80 and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Round 4. Woo hoo for Chick Lit. :)

  2. You certainly have reached fabulous goals (getting the confidence to write and declare it to love ones and the world -is a HUGE step; so an extra congrats on that). ROW80 is fab; I look forward to catching up with your goals and ROW80 NaNo support group with Lena (I'm considering it this year too). Keep the positivity going. :)

  3. Hooray! Those were some great goals and even better that the confidence and the excitement of writing came out through them as well! Sounds like it was a really great round for you, so mega congrats, Em! Definitely looking forward to keeping up with you through Round 4 and hopefully a little in between, as well!

    Also: NaNo support group for RoWers? Colour me intrigued! I'm also thrilled about the approaching NaNo, with the typical side effect of complete fear and panic myself, too.

  4. Huge win for you! Congratulations on your great progress!

  5. What a great round, Em! Life happens, and you wouldn't be the person you are if it didn't knock you off your pins for a while.

    You didn't mention what a great online friend you have been to so many of us who have benefited from your encouraging comments on our posts.

    I've offered to be the pom-pom shaker on the sidelines of NaNo, so keep me in mind for the RoW NaNo group!

  6. I'll be around during the break, Em! Can't wait to hear more on your mystery WIP. ~Nadja

  7. Great work! I'll be doing Round 4 too and I hope to participate more in the community of it all. I didn't get to as many blogs as I'd have liked so I could get to know more people. Looking forward to joining you again next round.

  8. Look at you go girl! So proud and you should be so proud! Keep up the fantastic momentum and progress :) Will definitely continue stopping by to see how things are going with you - whether ROW80 related or not :) Thrilled to have met you during the challenge!

    :) Marie

  9. You kicked butt this round and I'm so happy to hear you'll be back for round 4!!! I'll see you Oct. 3rd!!!

  10. It's been great to meet you, Em! You were a rock star this round. NaNo is going to teach you a lot about yourself. It's a big push, but can have some amazing results! Have fun with your plotting. See you in Round 4. :)

  11. Wonderful achievements. NaNo is a whip cracker but I love it! Keep up the great job.

  12. You did a great job this round.

    I like those Friday Fiction Prompts. I may use them for inspiration in Round 4. :)

  13. congratulations on everything you achieved over ROW80 (and you have inspired me I am definately going to have to add exercise to my goals for Round 4!)I agree with Oz, telling people about your desire to write is a huge step forward and I look forward to following your progress through NaNo.

    Jody Moller

  14. ps sorry about the anonymous thing, my computer hates blogspot blogs for some reason :(

  15. Oh man, I am SO happy to see everything that you have accomplished along the way. Seriously, I think it's crazy to see how much you've grown in confidence over the past 80 days.

    Squeeing to see that people are interested in the NaNo support group idea! I will have thoughts for you soon! :D

  16. Woohoo! So happy you are writing. You did a great job for round 3. I decided not to do nano this year, but you are making me want to change my mind. Look forward to seeing how you do in round 4.