Wednesday, 14 September 2011

ROW 80 Check-in 14th September

Since Sunday I don't have a lot to report. It is amazing to me how I was steaming along and now my head is completely out of the writing game. Well not completely out because I have been checking in, have been thinking about NaNo and today I even did something writing related!

I read two chapters in two books about writing to do with writing murder mysteries. I still really like the idea of writing one for NaNo but I do have some concerns. One is that I will accidently end up re-writing an Agatha Christie plot but simply change the names and my other fear is I will scare myself! I think if I write in a different period (say the 1920s or 1940s) I won't get so spooked. My other fear is the amount of plotting it will require and also NaNo is all about the word counts and I do find I can 'babble' on when writing chick-lit but mystery writing might need to be more considered. So I need to do more thinking.

Lovely news is that Karen gave me a blog award *blush* I can't say enough how much these awards have meant to me (and yes I am aware I sound like I am accepting an Oscar). I have hit such a bump in my writing road that I have had fleeting moments when I have just wanted to give up but the idea that someone thinks of me when they are deciding who to pass the awards on to makes me acknowledge the amazing support and community I have found on here and how much I have enjoyed the last few months since I started writing. Ok, I am babbling.

The rules are as follows:
Anyone who accepts this is asked by the person selecting them to do three things:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass this Award along up to15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it!

So, thank you Karen!

When I recieved the Kreativ Blogger Award I had to tell you 7 bits of information but I am not one to shirk away from a challenge so here are 7 more things about me off the top of my head that I don't mind sharing.

1) When I was small I wanted to break an arm or a leg just for the plaster cast. I even used to roll down stairs trying to do so.

2) I am very, very fussy about food. I need to see someone about it because I know it is psychological. For example I won't eat ham because it is slimy and rice is too many little bits in my mouth. Dont judge me.

3) I love Beyonce. Like properly love her. I think she is beautiful and inspiring and I went to her concert a few years ago and she is AMAZING! Me and a friend live our lives by the motto - What would Beyonce do? It helps, trust me.

4) I hate change in all forms. At work, home, anywhere. Hate it. But am working on it.

5) I am a crier. Whether my emotion is happy, sad or angry I cry. Is very frustrating at times.

6) I will read books or watch shows or films over and over again and never get bored of them.

7) I take on other people's accents when I talk to them. I have been mistaken for being American, Australian and South African and was once asked if English was my first language BY A COMPLETE STRANGER!

Ok, hope random facts are random enough for you.

Now the third bit of passing on the award I am really looking forward to! I have found so much support from so many people and below are a list of the people whose blogs I love to read. Thank goodness I finally learnt how to 'link' people!

I am hereby passing the award on to......

lenacorazon (nice new pen name! ;) )

Marie Andrews

Nadja Notariani


Lauren Garafalo

Gene Lempp

Wendy Jane

Claudia Lefeve

I am off to let these lovely people know and to check out some check-ins. I hope you all have a great last week!


  1. Too cool, Em! Thank you for the award (my third Versatile Blogger).

    I hit the same walls in my writing. Sometimes I'm racing along at 5-10k a week and then suddenly, usually when a major external event occurs in life, I'm off the writing trail for a bit. I've found using these "off times" to read, scribble notes, sift through the "Future Projects File" and a myriad of other less writerly things recharges my battery. And then it's off to write again. Enjoy the downtime, its like a nice cup of tea on a quiet afternoon :)

  2. Thank you so much! It's my first ever award :) I will either do a post tomorrow or Sunday during check-in.

    As for your mystery, I am so excited to hear all about it. Mysteries are my first love, especially Christie style. My favorite will always be And Then There Were None (10 Little Indians).

  3. I could never pull off a mystery. Well, I suppose I shouldn't say never, but I don't think I could at this moment in my writing journey. But a mystery set in 1920 or 1940 would be awesome. I love those eras. The language was so fun back then, it would make for great dialog.

    Congrats on your award!

  4. Gene - you are welcome and must be very versatile for three of us to give you the award! I am trying to see this time as reading, thinking, scribbling time until hopefully I get back to being able to write.

    Claudia - you are welcome! I am thinking of reading lots of Agatha Christie books for inspiration but worry I will shamelessly steal a plot!

    Erin - Thank you for the congratulatons! I am hoping I can pull it off. I need to try and plot it and see how I feel. And the research may be a big job! We will see.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Love the random facts. I tend to cry easily, too, though it's something I've been working on. Frustrating at times, to be sure. But reading/watching an amazing scene, I don't care if I tear up. The only person's accent I've ever picked up just while talking to them is my sister's. Though it's more of a syntax and inflection thing than full out accent. But it tends to take me a few hours after talking to her to sound like myself again. Not that I mind. She's adorable.

    Congrats on the award and have a great week!

  6. I have such envy for those who can do word-county type goals. As soon as I try I end up frozen like a deer in the word-counting headlights! Then I panic and just start typing Stuff to fill in the space.

    Good luck this week!

  7. Thank you, Em! The Versatile Blogger Award in my sidebar makes me smile!

    I think my middle son is just as fussy as you over foods. I rarely cry - I'd rather laugh - but I cry when I get spitting angry. Weird, huh? When I lived in the south, I picked up a southern drawl. It's so easy to do. It's gone I like accents. I guess it's sort of odd how much I do. Funny, though, I don't like it when my German friends tell me - "Awww, your accent is so cute!" when I'm speaking (or attempting to German. Ha!

    Have a great weekend, Em! ~ Nadja

    Oh, and an Agatha Chrisie-ish mystery sounds fabulous.

  8. *Jumps up and down in excitment*
    Another award - woop! Thank you Em. And well done for getting another one yourself - you're doing so well. Maybe you'll be inspired to post some of your writing sometime soon...?
    My Mum thinks I should write a thriller. She thinks I can do 'better than chick-lit.' I'm slightly offended by her thinking chick lit isn't all that, but at the same time, don't think I could do it. For a good one there's too many twists and turns and tbh I don't know if I'm that clever!
    Sometimes it takes something big to get you back into writing - I've just discovered there's only a week of ROW80 left... and I've got another 5,700 ish to write in that time. That may well be the push I need. Hope you get one too!

  9. You are so wonderful! Thank you so much for the award!

    I love your list of random things, especially the "What Would Beyonce Do?" bit. Whenever I think of her, the words fierce, strong, and confident pop into my mind. If I lived according to that code, things might be okay. :D Also, ever since I hit 17 or 18, I cry ALL THE TIME. I cry during Disney movies. I cry listening to sappy songs. What I really hate is crying when I'm angry, because it sends the wrong message to the person that I'm trying to be properly furious with. Ugh, frustrating.

    As you know, I am a big fan of historical stuff, and I like mysteries, too. I am currently trying to figure out exactly how to insert things like red herrings and plot twists into my work, but I imagine I'll figure it out eventually. ;)

    Hope your week went well!