Sunday, 18 September 2011

ROW 80 Check-in 18th September

Another check-in with not alot to report I am afraid but onewards and upwards. I can't believe there is only one more check-in after this before the end of the round! I also can't believe how derailed I have got after doing so well initially but don't we constantly say to each other sometimes life gets in the way?

Ok, lets find some positives because even though I haven't been writing I have been reading and thinking about writing. I went to my book club for the second time on Friday and again enjoyed the informal discussions. We picked the next book and do you want to hear something freaky? Later that day my friend gave me a copy of the book we have picked. Isn't that freaky? That someone completely unconnected gives me the book we have decided to read? Spooked me anyway. So I look forward to reading that.

I finished reading a PD James book this morning and read it with an eye on how good mysteries are written. I am ploughing tiptoeing through my idea to write a murder mystery. I read somewhere that Agatha Christie started her books by outlining all the characters alibis and then fixed one so that it could be broken and they could commit the murder. This seems like a good place to start! My biggest concern is still not being able to write quickly (which NaNo is all about) but I think I need to crack on with research and the plot outline so I have lots to go from. I have a week off at the end of October for half term and even though I am busy at the weekends I will have atleast 3 or 4 days in which I can work on it.

Oh and huge breakthrough! I told my parents and my sister and brother-in-law about my plan to write a murder mystery for NaNo. They know nothing about my blog or the fact I was writing all Summer but I always intended to let them know about NaNo. I am at my parents for the weekend and randomly blurted it out and they have been very supportive. I think they think it is a whimsical fancy which has appeared because of my recent personal upheaval but hey, atleast I have told them!

So plan forward is to start working out my characters and do some period research. I already have a murder in mind and a killer so I just need to work out the rest!

Hope you all have lovely weeks and thank you for all your supportive comments. Again, if anyone stumbles across any articles/tips for murder mystery writing they would be gratefully recieved!


  1. I'll keep an eye out for any articles that I see! I think there may have been one or two on red herrings that I saw, so I'll comb back through my browsing history to see if I can dig it up again. Honestly, I am in a similar boat as you: this WIP I am dealing with is a murder mystery, and I've never written one (I used to read murder mysteries, but it's been a while). I know who the killer is, but now I need to introduce a few potential suspects so that I can attempt to throw the reader off for a bit, that way there is suspense, etc.

    Good luck on brainstorming and outlining! I tried to explain NaNo to my mom, and she just got *really* confused (I tried explaining CampNaNo to her, too, and the only thing she said was, "What happened to your thesis? Are you writing your thesis?"), so I've kinda given up. Not sure what will happen now that I'm at school, and if I'll let my friends and classmates know; at the moment I intend to keep things under wraps, but we'll see.

    Have a lovely Sunday, and a great start to your week!

  2. I know what you mean, my dad simply said 'That is alot on top of your job' and I mumbled something about trying to keep weekends free. Atleast they will understand if I am spending time with them and want to write. Am I scared about getting it done around work but will give it my best shot!

    Will email you soon about our support group!

  3. Kudo's to you for letting your family into your writer's dream. That is a huge and neccessary step and I'm so glad to hear that they were supported (many are not). Don't pressure yourself too much over NaNo, it will be a learning experience that can't be replaced whether you finish or not, Agatha Christie or not, etc. The point is to try and learn.

    Hope to see you in Round 4, Em. You are a fine writer and friend. All the best :)

  4. Sounds like you've made a ton of progress Em! And telling your family is a big step. Sounds like you have an interesting plot in the works.

  5. Don't take it too much to heart, Em! I'm not sure anyone took me too seriously about writing a book until one day my mom asked me about it. I'm sure she was expecting some vague answer about being busy with the kids/sports/teaching/etc...but I informed her that I'd written two hundred pages...I think she was quiet for about a minute straight! (That's a record! Ha!) My family has been hugely supportive. But I think they had to see that I was serious about writing before they got excited for me. Keep up the great work. ~ Nadja

  6. well done - isn't it nice when friends and family start suporting - I have never done NaNo either but think it will be fun - maybe hard but fun looking foward to it maybe I'll see you there? all the best and see you next round here

  7. A murder mystery, how fun! I don't have much experience writing that, though I love crime dramas on TV. You might find watching those helpful in regards to red herrings, alibis, etc.

    Good luck! And don't worry, the more momentum you build writing, the more you'll be able to do. =)

  8. Thank you for all your comments, I am feeling more positive about my murder mystery and think I have settled on a time period. More on that next check-in!

  9. You're going to have a great time with NaNo! Have fun plotting!

  10. Despite your opening, Em, I think you've done a lot! Reading the P.D. James really is research as you deconstruct it.

    It's good you've told your family. I agree with Gene; it's a very necessary step. My parents have filed it under the "she was always scribbling, wasn't she?" My immediate family has been extraordinarily supportive, especially when I need a sounding board.

    And I'm going to sound like Gene's chorus again here--the experience of NaNo is what matters, not whether you win or not. It's an exercise in writing everyday and in accountability--ROW80 on steroids.

    Have a lovely wrap-up to the Round!

  11. Sounds like you will be well-readied for NaNo. I'm excited for it, but dreading how quickly it is approaching. I'm not yet finished with the WIP I have a the moment. So I will be switching genres. I will do gen fic for NaNo, where I have been doing Fantasy for Row80. I think the Gen Fic is easier to flow with. I can't move so quickly with the Fantasy. Might just be me. Anyway, congrats on telling your family. It helps. I am surprised every time my family brings it up, and encouraged.

    And thank you for the blog award. I will get to it. Much appreciated!

    Until next time!

  12. Congrats on your progress and on telling your family about your writing. I haven't built up that much courage yet. I'm such a chicken. Love your murder mystery idea for NaNo! I really need to finish sketching out my idea or else I will be scrambling Nov. 1. I had to smile when you said you are in a book club, because I just had a book club meeting last week. Some friends and I started it and I am loving it. Gets me out of the house too and gives me some much needed down time! Good luck this week!

  13. Yay! You go forward with that wonderful murder mystery idea :) I'll bet that once you get started, it will all just flow smoothly for you. Book clubs are so much fun and that's a very cool coinky dink that your friend gave you the same book your club decided to read. Hope it's a good one.

    As always, keep up the positive attitude! WOO HOO!! :)


  14. Best of luck and congrats on sharing your desires with family! I hope you'll be in Round 4 so we can all encourage you through NaNo. I think I'm still too terrified to try it this year.